Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Babbling, and a Surprisingly Great Birthday Gift!

Boy I've been posting a lot lately, eh? That's mostly because it's an activity that keeps me busy and happy when I'm unemployed and have no responsibilities. Kept the blues away. Of course, now that I'll be starting my new job on Wednesday, I won't be able to get away with sewing all afternoon and night, so I'm trying to get it out of my system now.

Plus I have way too much fabric laying around, and not many clothes. Seems like a good way to spend my time! That said, once I start working, the posts will probably drop off from the daily posting I've been doing, although I'll still be posting a couple times a week. (I hope!)


That said, I have another finished project to share with you. To celebrate her birthday, Tanit-Isis decided to share the pattern she created for her Grecian Goddess dress. Sadly, she hadn't had a chance to grade the pattern, and I don't think there was any way I was getting my leg into a dress her size, never mind the rest of me. But then on Thursday, she posted the multi-sized pattern! By some coincidence (I prefer to call it Fate), I'd just gotten the old printer working, so of course I scurried off to print it.

Now, I have to admit, I didn't expect to like this pattern on me, since Tanit-Isis and I are physically very different people. But I wanted to try it out anyways, and I needed a break from the corduroy jacket. Granted, I opted to make a top instead of a dress, and a self-fabric sash instead of the shirring (I find shirring a little uncomfortable). But I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised! This makes a gorgeous and very comfortable top, and I think the dress would be even better.

I made a size L, but graded to an XL below the waist, out of a shirting fabric found at the thrift store. I don't think I needed to grade to a larger size below the waist, since there's a lot of ease at the hips. Next time, I won't bother. The neckline is gorgeous, and the shoulder gathers even more so. The sleeves hit me at a nice length, and there's no gaping under the arm. And it's remarkably comfortable to wear!

The only complaint I have about this pattern is the back. Perhaps it's my fabric, which is a bit heavier than what Tanit-Isis used, or perhaps it's just the way my back is, but I find the back of the garment winds up with some strange wrinkles. Maybe if this was actually shirred, it would lay better. In fact, doing the actual shirring would probably also reduce the amount of fiddling I do with this top, as I tend to futz with the gathers around the belt. I may yet do a few lines of shirring to see if this helps. But otherwise, I'm quite pleased with this top. Especially since I didn't really think it'd work well for me.

Oh also, don't forget that the pattern is drafted with 3/8" seams, not the usual 5/8". I had to tear out a couple seams when I forgot about this little fact. lol

I have to bragpoint out how well I managed to matched the front and back centre seams. But then I also have to confess that it was completely unintentional. I didn't want to fight with it and figured I wouldn't put any effort into matching the stripes, but then it worked out anyways. I told you, Fate.

Happy (belated) birthday Tanit-Isis! Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. The size L turned out quite well for me, and no, I didn't make any effort to adjust for a larger bust. There was some strangeness in the pattern under the arm, but it worked itself out once stitched up. This pattern went together really easily and quickly, and I'm looking forward to making this up as a dress. Maybe in black, or a textured charcoal grey.

It even works well layered under my new jacket. \o/


And speaking of free patterns, don't forget to go and sign up for my vintage pattern giveaway! The draw will be held on Tuesday, so you only have a couple more days to sign up!


  1. Yay! Best Birthday Present EVER!!! :)

    That wrinkling at the back is interesting---I guess it's because the neck is on the grain. I suspect in my versions the shirring hides it/keeps it in line so I never noticed... I also feel like the back is closed a lot higher on your body than mine (probably a grading issue ;) ) so that may contribute as well.

    Either way, I think it looks great and I'm super glad it worked out for you. Thank you! :)

  2. I miss my sewing afternoons for sure, but for some reason I feel like I can't shut up now and have to stop myself from posting 5 times a day. I guess it's because I actually have something new to talk about.

    Your top looks great! Those gathers down the arm are a nice detail.

  3. Huh, I wonder if lowering the back neckline would help. Might ease some of the tension at the V point. Something to try next time, because I think I'd like the back a bit lower.

    Thanks again! I had fun trying this out, and was impressed with the final result. :)

  4. Very nice. I love the sleeve gathers. My thought looking at the back view was that the shoulder seam is too far foward, but I couldn't tell when the top was on. Would that affect the funny-ness you are experiencing?

    Lovely gift indeed. g

  5. Lovely top Heather!!!

    Wish I hadn't seen Tanit-Isis' goddess dress....totally drooling now.

  6. Very lovely! I want to make it eventually but have been trying to stick to my FESA plan.... Must ..... Not...... Deviate........ Lol

  7. @Debbie: Sorry, I must've missed your comment when I posted mine. I adore the shoulder gathers - it's what drew me to the pattern in the first place! So pretty!

    @gMarie: Actually, I find that the shoulder seam tends to lay further back on my shoulder, which in of itself could be causing some of the problems. Mostly, I think that the shoulders are spreading too much on the back, and I think if I did a tie across the back shoulders, my problems may be solved. Will be attempting today or tomorrow, so I'll let you guys know.

    @Fuss: Haha! I knew you'd fall in love with the drapiness of the dress!

    @Amber: Heh, yeah, I have a sewing plan too. But I was tired of my jacket and wanted to try out Tanit-Isis's pattern, and nothing was going to stop me! Good luck sticking to your plan!

  8. Thanks for showing us the link to TanitIsis's free pattern. Your version is an interesting innovation from the original design. Looks smart.


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