Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Tired Loser and Five Winners!!

Second day on the job, and I'm absolutely knackered. Part of this is due to the EPIC PILE OF MANUALS I need to read, but most of it is from trying to switch from a night owl schedule to an early bird schedule (and not succeeding very well). Sadly, no sewing has been done at all.

HOWEVER, I should probably announce the winners of the vintage pattern giveaway! I've been in contact with 3 of the 5 winners of the vintage pattern giveaway, and they've chosen their patterns. Unfortunately, the last two winners don't have an email address available online, or at least, no where that I saw. *shakes finger* So I'm announcing people who won and their pattern choices.

1. MysMichelle the Outlawlady from Adventures of a Stoned Kangaroo Choice 5
2. Tanit-Isis from Tanit-Isis Sews Choice 2
3. Amber Elayne from Amber - Gemini Extraordinaire Choice 1
4. Toferet from Toferet's Empty Bobbin
5. Ghijsmom

Toferet and Ghijsmom, can you two please contact me, either in the comments below with an email address, or email me at sewingonpins at gmail dot com. I'm going away for the weekend, but I'll be in touch next week!

Congratulations to those who won! I wish I had enough patterns (and shipping money) to send you all patterns. I really appreciated you reading and signing up for the giveaway!

And I'm sorry this post wasn't a bit more upbeat. Instead, it's just plain beat. I hope you all have a great weekend! I plan to spend time with my family. And sleep.


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  1. Thanks sooooo much for hosting this giveaway. I believe this may be the first thing I've won since I was about 15 and won a hat at a soccer tournament LOL! Can't wait to get teh mail in a week or so!


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