Friday, September 16, 2011

Finished Object: Lucky Business Dress

Best part of this dress? POCKETS!!!

As promised, here's a bit more information about the dress I wore to my interview earlier this week. It's from New Look 6803, and as soon as I saw the version that Stacie made, I knew I needed to make it. This version was supposed to be a wearable muslin, and while it is, I adore how it turned out.

I cut a size 16 (my standard size) despite everyone ever on PR warning that it runs a little big. I'm a bit wimp about doing FBA's, so I chose to just make a larger size. However, I have larger hips than this patterns size 16, but worried that 18 would be too big, I chose to cut a size 17 (aka right between 16 and 18) below the waist. I'm glad I did so, because the hips are almost too small as it is.

And really, that's my own stupid fault, because I know that I'm an 18 on the bottom for skirts and such, but didn't really think about the fact that dresses cover the top and bottom! Oops.

Boy was it ever windy out when I took these pictures!

The neckline is ways too big. You can't really see in the pictures, but it gapes a bit, and just looks too big on me, especially when I'm not wearing a cardigan with it. I think next time I`ll cut a size 14 on the top, and suck it up attempt an FBA.

I love the neckline. The pleats are a lovely detail, and were so easy to do!

Please forgive the public bathroom shot. This was hours after the interview, at my Uncle's birthday lunch.

I have no idea what this fabric is. I found about 3+ m of it at a thrift store (I know, everyone is so surprised about that) for about $6. Initially thinking it was some poly blend, I thought it'd make great muslin material. But it's got a soft hand and a gorgeous drape, can take a hot iron and steam like no-ones business, and crinkles like my Grandma's eyes when she smiles, so I suspect it's more like a linen blend, or something much more natural.

What I loved best about this dress was how the fabric, with its navy and cream threads weaved together, brought the dress from summery day dress, to something a bit more professional looking. Of course, it looks like a sack without a belt on, but with a belt it looks fantastic, and I like it best with a cardigan over top. I feel so professional in the entire outfit, hense why I chose to wear it to my interview.

Just as with the Mariana trench dress that I made for and wore to my thesis defense, it gave me a boost of confidence. And it paid off, because I got a call this afternoon with a job offer, so come this Wednesday, I will no longer be unemployed! \o/

Oh! And don't forget to go sign up for the vintage pattern giveaway!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the job! Super-mega-extra congrats, in fact.

    The dress looks great, and yes, totally professional. But (and this is based on your comments here and on the jacket, not on how it looks) I think you really should suck it up and learn to FBA. It seems like the shoulders/arm area is a recurring problem, hunny-bu. ;)

    (I mean that in the nicest way possible, by the way. I tend to dodge the SBA by wearing extra-padded bras)

  2. *sigh* I know. No offense taken, because it's so true. I'm put off my my first, epically failed FBA, so I keep avoiding it now. Next time it's needed, I promise I'll do it.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, my sewing skills sort of plateaued for a bit, and I wasn't really trying anything new. My jacket is showing me that trying something new doesn't have to be hard! :)

  3. If you want to learn FBA methods, pick up a copy of the Palmer and Pleitch fitting books. All invaluable - don't be put off by the hideously dated illustrations.
    I really like the versatility of this pattern. You should make a winter tunic to wear with a skirt or pants. The lines are very flattering.

  4. I have the Fit for Real People (along with Pants for Real People. I want Jackets for Real People to complete my collection!), and it seems really helpful. I'm just intimidated, and need to get over it. Like my fear of trousers. lol

    I never considered a winter tunic. I wonder how this would take to a heavier fabric, a wool something or other. Hmm, things to consider.

  5. Suck it up. Seriously. :)

    You look adorable, I like the public bathroom shot. It's so fun!

    Great dress.

  6. The neckline doesn't look too big in the photos at all. And I can understand about the FBA causing some heart palpitations-- I haven't mastered it yet either (and my last attempt to do one was a near-unsalvagable disaster!) One of these days...

    It looks good, and very professional. I'm so jealous that you were able to find decent yardage at a thrift store-- my only option for that is generally the curtains!

  7. LOL, now I want to make it again too! I love it in a solid. It is so fall appropriate! Thanks for the shout out!


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