Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yeah I know, there's approximately 8 jillion of these National ____  ____ Month things.  Apparently there's one for knitting sweaters!

I don't actually think that I can succeed at National Knit [a] Sweater Month, since it involves knitting a 50 000 stitch sweater in just a month.  I not only started 3 days late, but I head back to camp this Thursday and I don't have much time to knit while there. 

But I thought it'd be fun to knit along!  I'd be happy if I could get the body done this month.

Collar and first pattern repeat complete today.

I'm making the Reverb by Tanis Lavallee, a cardigan pattern I've been oogling for about 6 months now.  I've even pictured it in this yarn, although I've attempted it on two other knitting projects.  I think this will be the best marriage between yarn and pattern!

And the best part is that I'm not the one who picked it!  I narrowed down my sweater choices to three patterns and the yarn to four colours, and asked my boyfriend for his opinion.  He picked this pattern and this yarn, and I'm so happy with his choices!

Obviously it's meant to be!*

* Yarn/pattern and him/me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Finished Project: Plaidtastic Blue Archer

Hey would you look at that, I finally took pictures of my Archer!  I've only been wearing it near-constantly for the last 3 weeks.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.  There's a couple things I'd change on the next one (and there will be at least one more, possibly a half-dozen because these are fantastic work shirts!  And every day shirts.

I forgot how easy button-ups are to wear.

Pattern: Grainline Studio's Archer Button-Up Shirt
Fabric: 100% cotton plaid flannel
Size: Size 12 from armhole upward, graded to size 14 at waist and size 16 at hips
Alterations: Other than size grading above, I did the following:
  • Narrowed the shoulders by 3/4 inch
  • Shortened bodice by 2.5 inches
  • Take in side seams by 1/2 inch
  • Reduced length of butt bustle by cutting along size 0 hem

I didn't do an FBA, just because this is a loose top and the toile I did (and didn't take a pic of, sorry) showed that I didn't need it.  I might do a small FBA next time though, just for a bit of extra room.

This fabric, while lovely, was skewed to an annoying degree.  I couldn't straighten it no matter what I did.  So I mostly gave up on matching the plaid, except for across the front.  I think I did a pretty good job, considering, but the bias button band helps a lot!

There are two major alterations that I'll make next time.

I shortened the bodice by 2.5 inches.  This was about 1 inch too much.  The butt bustle should've been a bit lower.

This one is probably the biggest one.  View A has a pleat below the yoke to give some extra fabric across the shoulders.  View B doesn't.  Definitely should've added that one in, because holy man is it ever annoying not having it.  REACHING FORWARD IS HARD.

Although I'm probably going to make more view A's in the future, because there's only so many butt bustles a person needs in the 21st century.  In this part of it, anyways.

So overall, I'm in love with this shirt.  Don't be fooled by the 'meh' face in some of these photos, it was entirely due to my horrible camera and not the top.  The top is easy to wear, both at home and at work, and with a few tweaks, will be even better next time.

But I will warn you, there's not a lot of shaping to this shirt.  The only shaping is at the sides, and it's a bit poofy at the tummy.  I'm happy with this right now, because I've been enjoying the camp desserts a bit too much and the camp gym facilities a bit too little.  Plus I do like to de-emphasize my body when at camp.

Wouldn't be too hard to add a couple darts in the front though...

ETA: I forgot to mention something that's come up in the comments.  I found the instructions for the Archer a little sparce, especially for a button-up top with a full collar.  I eventually gave up on them and followed the Archer Sew Along instead.  Maybe if you have experiences with this type of garment, the instructions would be fine, but for anyone new or newish to them, use the sew along.
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