Sunday, September 12, 2010

Self Stitched September: Days 5-11

I've been watching everyone posting all their lovely daily outfits, and cringing because I know I'm falling behind. It started with Day 5's outfit, which I'd planned to photograph at a friends place in the evening and completely forgot. And then I just kept forgetting. It seemed like I'd only remember to photograph every few days or so. I blame my thesis. And my broken tripod, which has made photographing the outfits difficult. And then I kept getting the Guilt, where I know I should post, but I don't want to play dress-up again and re-create the outfits.

So I played around this morning and re-created the missing outfits I wore on the floor. I know, I don't have any proof that I actually wore these, but I honestly did! I've kept track of my wardrobe using a powerpoint presentation, which has been really helpful for keeping track.

Beware, long post ahead.

Day 5:

As you can see, I wore my brown floral faux wrap top, self made undershirt, brown straight skirt, pretty me-made purse, tights and cream floral shoes. I like this outfit a lot, despite the abundance of brown, and I assure you, it looks better on me than on the floor. :)

Day 6:

Okay, this was a horrible day spent ill, mostly curled up on my couch wrapped in a blanket. Hair not brushed, no make-up, awesome fuzzy socks over tights. I did not leave the apartment this day BUT AT LEAST I GOT DRESSED. Wearing the brown straight skirt, light coral ruffle blouse, and tights.

Day 7:

I actually left the apartment this day (yay!), met a friend for lunch and then went to the local coffee shop to work for a change of environment. I wore my denim pencil skirt (which I've discovered an undying love for this past week) and a black cotton eyelet tank top that I made ages ago, along with black tights and cream floral flats. Oh wait, I do have evidence of wearing this out. It's a bad picture from the coffee shop.

Day 8:

Another day that I had to leave the apartment, for a dreaded meeting with the Thesis Supervisor. I wore a denim skirt I reconstructed out of a pair of jeans last March (using this awesome tutorial), my sheety blouse, and a ruffle jacket I made last April. I think this is one of my favourite looks, along with Day 9's, and I think this is more my style.

Day 9:

I escaped my apartment again this day by working at the local coffee shop, and wore one of my favourite outfits while doing it. Petal skirt, faux wrap top, self-made undershirt, and the jaunty jacket. I feel so pretty in this outfit!

Day 10:

I was actually pretty sick this day, had some sort of stomach bug, so I mostly spent the day in pj pants and a reconstructed top. However, I did feel well enough to meet an old friend for coffee, so I'm posting that outfit. Denim pencil skirt, knit top, ruffle jacket, my pretty purse, tights and cream floral shoes. Honestly though, I mostly wore the outfit from Day 3.

Day 11:

Alright, I have a confession to make. I wore a non-self-stitched top this day. Well, this night, anyways. I had a concert and a party to go to this evening, and still feeling off from the day before, spend most of the day resting in pj's. That evening, when I went to get ready for a night out, I realized that I'm severely lacking in nice party clothes. Plus I hadn't done laundry. So with much guilt, I decided to wear something I hadn't made myself. I felt a little more appeased since it was a thrifted top, and I plan to alter it to shorten the sleeves, so I guess it's a future self-stitched top? *hangs head in shame* The only thing self-stitched in this outfit in the denim pencil skirt. Oh well, what can you do.

Anyways, we're now caught up as of yesterday. I promise to take proper pictures from now on. Or I'll try to, anyways.


  1. Such commitment to documenting SSS, very impressive. A POWERPOINT presentation!????
    The petal skirt DOES make you look pretty, what a lovely effort.

  2. Thank you!

    I'm a grad student, I use powerpoint for every type of documentation now a days. It's a great way to keep track of whatever it is you're trying to figure out. I didn't even think twice about using it for this purpose. :)

  3. Cute outfits, you're pretty much just lovely in general. I find remembering to photograph my outfits really difficult, sometimes I'm work-wrinkled but oh wells, right? What I don't get are the people (bless their hearts) who take 17 model-esque photographs with all kind of interesting photoshopped effects and post every single one of them. Who has that kind of time? Use it for sewing, right?


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