Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruffle Blouse: Mission Complete

It's finished, and it matches my bathroom walls! Actually, it looks a little orange in this picture. Seriously, my camera hates this colour.

(Don't mind my pose. My landlord came out seconds before the timer ran down on my camera, and I was a little embarrassed!)

I love this shirt. I love the colour and the bib ruffles and just how comfy it is. I wore it out for lunch with the girls yesterday and it was ridiculously comfortable and cool. And I love that the pattern came with separate pieces for other cup sizes! :D

The top requires a button at the back of the neck. It turns out it's not really needed, since I can put it on quite fine without undoing it, but it's a pretty detail. I may yet hand-sew most of that gap closed, and next time I make this shirt, I'll cut the back piece on the fold. But for now, I love the flower button!

But I think my favorite part of this shirt is the details you can't see. I'm so proud of the finishing inside the shirt. I know it's pretty basic, but it's the first piece of clothing that I haven't left seams unfinished. It looks so good inside out! As I mentioned in the progress post, I finished the centre back with a french seam, and sewed on bias tape over all the other seams and facing edge. I also hand-stitched the bottom hem, and it looks so good that I wish I'd done it on the sleeve hems. Oh well, next time.

I almost want to wear it inside out! This is such a great top, I can't wait to make a second version! But that'll have to wait until after the wardrobe contest. :)


  1. So pretty! and I love the color!

  2. Bravo! You know how I feel about pretty insides, it's so satisfying isn't it? The color suits your coloring so well, I'm just thrilled.

  3. It looks lovely Heather! I love your finishing :)
    I do like the button closure on the back, it is a sweet touch.

  4. Thanks guys! I was drawn to this fabric right away because of the colour. And having the insides finished is really satisfying! I almost want to go fix some of my past projects now!

  5. Great job! It looks really good. You've inspired me to make the same shirt from my pattern!!

  6. Beautifully sewn blouse. It looks great inside and out!

  7. Hello Heather, I've just discovered your blog and it has a lot of terrific stuff! I love this top, it looks very good on you, the inside details are great too :)

  8. Hi Cecili! Thank you for your words, that's very nice of you to say. I hope enjoy the content here. I've checked out your blog, and I'm quite enjoying your girly week posts! That's a hilarious challenge your bf laid down, and a good way to encourage you to wear all your pretty garments. :)


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