Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Self Stitched September: Days 17-22

I know it's been radio silence lately, but sadly my thesis has trumped sewing. Hopefully I'll be able to make some time to do some sewing soon. I plan to make a gift for a friend who is defending her M.Sc. thesis soon, and I'm running out of time!

But in the mean time, here's a Self-Stitched September update. Sorry if it's a little babbly, I'm pretty exhausted. I blame the thesis.

Day 17:

Well, once again I spent the day in self-stitched pj pants and reconstructed t-shirt. What can I say, I spent the whole day on the couch doing data analysis. WHEEE geochemistry! Same outfit as days 3 and 12.

Day 18:

I'm definitely learning which pieces I like the most. I keep re-wearing them. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of this day or day 19, but I headed to Ottawa to cheer on a friend of mine who was competing in a Draftmaster competition, and I wanted comfortable and easy to wear outfits. On day 18 I wore my reconstructed jeans skirt, faux wrap shirt, self-made undershirt, and ruffle jacket, the pretty purse, as well as tights and pink flats. Oh! And I packed everything else in a weekend bag I made from the SEW Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp (not shown but a very cute and fun bag). The picture above is from day 13.

Day 19:

Second and last day in Ottawa. To save packed space, I only brought a change of shirt and underwear. And I wore the exact same outfit on day 8, and since I forgot to take pictures, that's what the above picture is from. Reconstructed jeans skirt, sheety blouse, ruffle jacket, hose and pink flats. Plus pretty purse and weekend bag.

Day 20:

Alright, so I'm starting to fall off the self-stitched wagon. NOT ENTIRELY! But this day was another spent working on thesis stuff in my kitchen all day (i.e. 10 am to 1 am - yes, that says 1 am), and I got sick of dealing with the blanket on my shoulders. So while I'm wearing self-stitched knit top and awful pants, I threw on my geology zip-up hoody. I'm not sorry. This picture was taken right before going to bed in the early hours of the morning, by the way.

Day 21:

And I completely gave up this day. ANOTHER day spent at my kitchen table, obeying Master Thesis, and it was bloody cold in my apartment. Spent the day in a RTW hoody. But at least I'm wearing the self-stitched awful pants (which are quite comfortable, by the way), and I believe self-stitched gotch (not pictured).

Day 22:

I LEFT MY BASEMENT APARTMENT THIS DAY! The light, it burns! Heh. Wore my brown straight skirt, knit top, ruffle jacket (yes, again), pretty purse, black tights and black ankle boots.

I guess I'm broken my vow to only wear self-stitched clothes this month. It's been both easier and harder than I expected. I am getting sick of some of my clothes, and I know what I need to add to my wardrobe. Warm clothes especially, including PANTS! More lounge wear, more tops, and different colours too. And more basics.

Sadly, I'm going to be completely breaking my vow from this Sunday to Tuesday. My supervisor has planned an unexpected and last minute field trip to Vermont, and I can't get away with wearing skirts and short sleeved jackets and t-shirts during field work. I have no self-stitched clothes that can handle wandering outdoors in cool fall (and possibly rainy) weather. Someday, when I'm a better seamstress and willing to tackle the more expensive material (and can sew pants), I'd love to make my own field clothes. For now, I'm stuck with RTW.

I hope everyone else is surviving Self Stitched September! Has anyone else had some set-backs and failures like me? (I won't tattle, promise!)


  1. Geochem, eh? I spent my masters' in an office full of geochemists :).

    I also knew a girl once whose pre-defense gift from her supervisor was a talking LOTR Gandalf statue. When you presssed the button, it said "You shall not pass!"

    I wish I had any self-stitched jammies. The days bumming around the house are the hardest, aren't they? I've been home sick all week, and mostly haven't even gotten dressed except for a few hours when the kids get home.

    Crapp for SSS, but fieldwork is good, right? I always wear army pants for fieldwork, but I'm kinda thinking custom ones with a bunch of different pockets and slings for stuff would be awesome. Someday.

  2. I wish I had something self stitched other than jammies!Someday. Someday soon. :) You've done a great job, I love seeing your outfits.

  3. i still need to make some self-stitched jammies! but on the thesis front: KEEP GOING! YAY! KEEP GOING! YAY!KEEP GOING! YAY!KEEP GOING! YAY!

    you'll finish soon and then it'll just be edits and then you'll be done!! and then you might think bout a ph.d....(no! no! don't do it!) which is what i did. actually at least it's job security :)

  4. oooh and i LOVE tanitisis's idea about self-stitched field work pants!!

  5. @tanitisis: Hahaha! I love your friends pre-defense present from her supervisor! My reaction would probably be hysterical laughter that peters down to a look of panic, complete with fake smile, and "you're uh, joking, right?". And then a pathetic emotional breakdown.

    @quietandsmalladventures: you're awesome and obviously have lots of cheerleading experience for people at the writing stage of a thesis, eh? :D But ahahaha no PhD. XP

    @everyone: JAMMIES NEXT!


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