Saturday, September 4, 2010

Self Stitched September: Days 2, 3, and 4

I've been working from home the last few days, trying to get some of my last data crunching done for my thesis. I admit, I haven't been trying too hard with my outfits as a result of holing up in my basement suite. However, I've still been wearing only self-stitched clothes. I did, however, discover some things missing from my wardrobe, but I'll get to that later.

Day 2:
Data analysis on the comp. Poor Maggie Kenmore got shuffled off of her sewing table in favour of my thesis. Maybe I'll give her a good cleaning and oiling as an apology.

The blouse was made last June for the wardrobe contest, before I completely revamped the colour theme. I love the look and fit of this top, but I learned my lesson about using 100% polyester! Still, it was fine enough for working at home. It was made using Simplicity 6870, and I heartedly recommend this pattern. It's very comfortable and flattering.

Here's a front view of the outfit, just before I ran out to the store. The pants are my wardrobe collection pants, which I still need to post about, but that you can read some of the problems I had with them here.

What I've discovered is that I'm lacking warm toppers that aren't jackets. It's cold in my apartment since my landlords like the crank the A/C (I live in a basement suite in a house). However, I have this piece of wool blend knit that I used as a wrap, and I like how it looks. I may have to figure out how to sew it up as a poncho-type topper like this. :)

Day 3:

Okay, I admit, I was really lazy on this day and didn't leave my apartment at all. I also didn't feel very well and just wanted to be able to curl up on the couch while working, so I pretty much spent my whole day in lounge wear. Okay okay, in pj's. I made the pj pants ages ago out of flannel using some horrible pattern that I threw out afterward. The legs were super wide and long, so I took in the sides a few inches and hacked off nearly 6 inches off the bottom. Next time, I'll just trace one of my own pj bottoms instead of using a pattern. The top was one of my first clothing sewing projects, where I just reconstructed a t-shirt to make it a more comfortable sleep top.

So okay, I was lazy, but I was lazy in self-stitched clothes, so I think it still counts!

Day 4:

Today was another day working in my cold apartment, so I wore my pants again. I think need to buy some warm tights for working at home in skirts. The top I wore was the very first top I made for the wardrobe contest, and was actually the launching point for the brown colour themes since I fell in love with this fabric. The scarf, while not me-made, was purchased at the thrift store. I'm pretty sure I didn't commit to only self-stitched accessories, so I'm grateful to use it for added warmth.

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