Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tops and Skirts and Pants (OH MY!)

With the wardrobe contest deadline coming up in a week, I've been sewing up a storm trying to get my entry finished. This past weekend, I got two pieces completed entirely, and another one started. (Go me!)

Because of the time crunch, I ditched a more complicated top I was working on and instead tackled a simple "2 hour" knit top, New Look 6807, view B. The fabric is a pretty t-shirt weight knit I found in the knit ends bin at Fabricland. It was warped a little strangely, so it took a bit longer to lay out and cut the pattern, but it was worth it for the final result.

I did quite a few alterations to this pattern. Based on the reviews of it up at PR stating that this pattern runs quite large (as I've found all New Look knit patterns do), I decided to cut out a size 12, 2 sizes smaller than I normally would, although I graded up a size at the hips. Despite this, I still took off 3/8 inch off each side seam. It's still loose, but comfortably so. I also cut the neckline at size 16 to raise it up a bit. I'm glad I did that, since it's almost too low right now as it is.

Between New Look not actually providing markings on the neck binding piece for lining up with the shirt neckline, the very narrow binding piece, and my sewing machine deciding that it'd had enough with knit fabric, I had quite a bit of problems attaching the neck binding. Next time, I'm going to make the piece wider, and make it shorter so that it stretches and pulls the neckline closer to the body.

The other article that I made this weekend is this denim pencil skirt, using Simplicity 2343. This skirt came together really well, and I only really got hung up on the zipper, which is a common problem for me. I was nervous making this skirt since it's supposed to be very snug, but I was afraid of making it too small. I cut a size 16, and I think that's pretty much the perfect size for my bottom half. I did let out the seam allowance along the centre back, since I thought it was a little too tight, but I probably could've just left it.

I love the look of it with the shirt tucked in, but I've got some major wrinkles going on in the front there, and because of my tummy, it isn't that flattering from the side. Still, I think that's a pretty awesome silhouette. I just need the confidence to rock it all day!

One of the things that I love about this pattern is how it uses pieces to shape the skirt, doing away with darts. I hate darts. They used four wedge-shaped pieces with a slightly curved seam to create shape. I'd planned to top-stitch these seams, but with this beautiful dark denim, I thought it looked good without this detail. Maybe on the next skirt.

Technically, I only have one more piece to go before I'm finished, the pants I started last June. But I think I'm going to try to redo my topper, if I have time. That cardigan really is horrible. But we'll see. We're less than a week away, I don't know if I have time.

Pants are hard, you guys! I've got these ones almost finished, but I'm not crazy about the fit. Think it might be time to invest in this book:


  1. Nice work! I haven't sewn anything in about a week, but pants and a cardigan are next on my list... oh boy!

  2. Wow you've been busy Heather! That top is adorable, but the pencil skirt is totally my fave. It looks amazing on you. And with the top tucked in? You look smokin! I love that slightly retro look. When I get time (and $) to sew again I'm totally going to be bugging you for that pattern number.

  3. That skirt! It's GORGEOUS! Love it! You look fab in it.

  4. I love the skirt and the top. Great job.
    Can you tell me about that wonderful peach colored skirt? It is fabulous beyond belief.
    I want it!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm pretty proud of both pieces. :D

    @dyanaaria: Thank you. :) I made the petal skirt as well. I babble about it in two separate posts, if you're interested in checking them out.
    Pattern details
    Construction details

  6. I love both the skirt and the top - you look fabulous in them!

  7. They look fabulous Heaether! Love that skirt :)


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