Thursday, August 5, 2010

Le Cardigan, Part Deux. Eugh.

So, I got the cardigan finished. You know, the one I've been putting off forever, but have been excited to finally have in my wardrobe.

Sadly, it's a bust. My fear that the knit was too light-weight was justified. It's misbehaving in all sorts of way, but especially in how it sags with gravity.

Yeah, at first glance, it looks fine. But look closely at the sleeve and hem. It's pulling down unevenly in places, plus the material just hated being stitched. I'm getting pretty good at dealing with knits, but this was just a headache.

Look at what happened at the front where the hem meets the facing!

Yuck. :( And I'd like to note that I had let it hang for a day before hemming, and this hem was straight when I sewed it.

I found that the facing kept flipping outwards, and it didn't want to stay on the inside where it belonged. Naughty facing. First, I just top-stitched around the edge and under the collar, hoping that would do it. Not quite. So instead I decided to do 5 parallel lines of top-stitching to hold it down. THAT did the trick! You can see it in the picture above, and this one below.

I actually like the effect, and it might be fun to do some more decorative stitching here, or even some sort of design, flowers or leaves or something. I'll have to keep it in mind for future projects.

This afternoon, I ran over to our only fabric store in town to try to find a heavier version of this brown knit fabric, but to no avail. :( So I think I'll be taking the cardigan out of my wardrobe entry.

To add salt to the wound, I've officially tossed out my white skirt that was also going to be part of my wardrobe. And all it needed was a hem. I found the liner I made was too heavy, but when I cut it out, the skirt hung strangely on me. Plus you could totally see my panties. And when I took a good look at it, the style and colour wasn't doing anything for my hips and derrière. So just when I was thinking I was catching up, I got knocked back a couple steps.

Oh well. I think I'm going to simplify my wardrobe plan, though. And honestly, I really want more skirts, so bye-bye pants! I'll save you for when I don't have a time crunch! :D

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  1. It's not as bad as you say. I like the channel stitching, it's smart and looks so even and pretty!

    I think we're ALL simplifying our wardrobe plans...


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