Monday, August 30, 2010

Jaunty Jacket

The jacket I mentioned in the previous post? You know, the one that everyone and their dog seems to be sewing? The Simplicity 2443 Cynthia Rowley design?

Et voilĂ !

I wasn't sure of this pattern. I'm a curvy woman (with a few extra curves in places I'd rather they not be), and this jacket hits me right at one of my widest parts. But surprisingly it works!

In fact, it works so good, I'm having a hard time choosing pictures for my final wardrobe contest composite that don't include the jacket. I'm so glad I decided to sew this. It's the final piece of my wardrobe that ties everything together beautifully.

Although honestly, about half way though, I had my doubts. When it was still sleeveless and missing the bottom band, it sort of reminded me of a Medieval peasant vest. That was about when I chose to chuck the corduroy facing and add a fun print instead.

The original pattern had you make self-fabric loops and ties, but I didn't like the effect. I chose to use some twill tape for the loops and these perfect buttons that happened to be in my still-small-but-growing-quickly stash. The shot of colour it provides to the jacket is a nice effect.

I like how the waistband topstitching went. It's not perfectly straight, but it's not obvious that a 3 year old did it, so I must be getting better!

And one of my favourite things about this jacket is that I finally got to use this pretty floral cotton I picked up right near the beginning of this contest. I've been in love with this fabric ever since I first laid eyes on it, and I'm so glad I found someplace to use it in this wardrobe.

On the inside of the jacket, I originally did french seams on the sides, shoulders, and centre back. However, they were sticking out too much, so I decided to top-stitch them down, sort of like a flat-felled seam...only not. Still, I like how it looks. No more raw seams for me!

The placket was difficult to work though, but the pattern instructions were really good at guiding you through it. I'll tell you a secret, though. I cheated on the placket. Only temporarily, though. I realized after making the sleeves this morning that I needed 1" D-rings, and I'd picked up 1/2" D-rings. So for now, until I have time to get to the fabric store again, I'm using safety pins. BUT it's pinned down the way the D-rings will be sewn in, and I think it looks fine and you probably wouldn't even notice if you didn't look to closely.

Despite my misgivings of this pattern, and even my fabric choice ("Is the fabric too thick? I think it's too heavy for this pattern. Ooo, I don't know..."), it turned out not only good but fabulous. Not bad for $30 total cost, especially since I hear this designer is selling this same jacket in leather for $550. I can't wait to wear it out!

Now if only this heat wave would go away...


  1. This looks great on you! What a beautiful job of finishing you did too. I think it looks really fab, and the fabric seems to suit the jacket really well.

  2. That is gorgeous Heather! It looks wonderful on you :)

  3. I love it! Great job.

  4. That looks great! I really like it without the pockets, too :).

    I'll trade your heatwave (smog included) for our cold spell. It hasn't made it above 20 since Thursday of last week. Right now, it's 3. I am not ready for winter!

  5. Love the jacket Heather! Looks amazing on you...can't wait to see it in person!

  6. Thank you everyone! I'm proud of the end result, especially considering the short time it was made it. :)

    @tanitisis: But just think of all the cute little jackets you could be wearing! :) Do you mind if I ask where you're living now?

  7. Fantastic job Heather!

    Keep up the great work,enjoy your blog



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