Saturday, August 14, 2010

Petal Skirt Dilemma

As we're coming in to the final few weeks of the wardrobe contest being hosted by Pattern Review, I'm starting to panic about finishing on time. There's a part of me that keeps saying that there are other projects I want to be working on, and I'm tired of sticking to my wardrobe plan and wants to sew a pretty dress or a more complicated jacket. But there's another stubborn part of me that's determined to finish this contest, to complete all 10 pieces and prove to myself that I can do this.

Plus since I've signed up to do Self-Stitched September, I kind of have to if I want any clothes to wear for next month!

So I figured I'd tackle one of the easier projects left on my storyboard this weekend.

View C, the pretty petal-like skirt on the upper-left. I thought it fit quite well with my floral theme, and it'll add a pop of colour to my decidedly brown collection of bottoms.

After 2 days of cutting, I've finally got everything prepped to sew (that little "1 hour" note on the envelope obviously doesn't count cutting time), but I've come up against a bit of a snag. You can't really see the layers! :(

It may be better once it's hemmed and worn, but right now, I think it'll just look off.

So I thought maybe adding a bias hem to it. I liked how it looked on the inside of my ruffle blouse, so what the heck, eh?


Not so much. Kind of reminds me of a '50's waitress uniform. I just need an apron and I'm set. No thanks.

I have lots of lace and trims hanging around though, so after digging through my twisted, tangled stash of notions, I found two possible candidates.

Cute in theory, but kind of has the same effect as the bias tape.

But then there's this one, a 1/4 inch edging in an apricot or peach colour.

I like the subtlety of it, how it defines the petals without being too in-your-face about it, and adds a touch of girly-ness to it.

Is this too old-fashioned looking? Should I stick with just a plain, unadorned skirt? Is anyone else sick of looking at this light coral fabric?

*le sigh*


  1. I like the bias tape, and I like the last trim. Great idea. The other thought is you could use a thread that is a slightly lighter shade than the fabric, and do a line or double line of regular stitching at the hem. That'd be rad.

  2. I do like the last one - small, subtle and just enough to define the edges :)

  3. Ooh, I love the peachy lace! Do it!

  4. Thanks for your input, guys! I made up the skirt yesterday (finished at 3 am - I really am at my most productive at the wee hours of the morning), and I've left it plain for now, just to see how it looks. Figured I could add the lace later if I chose to.

    I really like it as is though, and the layers are quite visible. But I also like the peachy lace. Hmm... might have to fiddle with it a bit.


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