Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baggy Too Loose Cardigan to Cute Semi-Fitted Sweater

Back in August or September, I found this adorable cardigan at a local consignment shop.  Despite how the Boyfriend feels about them (and boy does he have strong feeling about them), I adore polkadots!  What person in their right mind doesn't?!  So of course, I had to bring it home with me, to damn with how it fit.

And boy did it not fit.  I guess it wasn't too bad, but bad enough that I proceeded to not wear it at all (despite the polkadots).  See how thrilled I look?  It was too wide across the shoulders, too wide across the body, and the armpits were about 2-3 inches away from mine when I stretched my arms out.  And it looked awful unbuttoned.  What's a sewist to do?!

Obviously shove it under the sewing machine and hope for the best.  So I did just that, right before leaving for camp again in January*, marking out how much and where I wanted to take it in, and then sewing it up.  Well, one side of it, anyways.  And then abandoned it in last-minute work preparations.

First thing I did on getting home last week was trim my seam allowance from the one side...

...then taking a page from Lauren method of transfering aterations from one pant leg to the other, I folded the cardigan in half and traced out the seam allowance, then sewed 1/4 inch away from that line.  Easy peasy.  A bit of trimming and I was done!

Well, other than a bit of quick handsewing to close up the front so that it went from cardigan to sweater.  This is the one time I prefer a sweater to a cardigan.

And Voila!  A nearly instant (if you ignore the months I dithered over this) sweater that I've barely taken off since fixing!  Look!  The armpits are actually close to mine!  Much better.

Also, remind me to never wear my hair up ever again!  YEASH that's not a good look on me.  (And no, I'm not fishing for compliments - at least, not on my hair!  lol)

* Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that?  The silly mine called be back, again.  This time as a production geologist in a more essential (and less expendable) position, so here's to hoping that I don't get laid off from them a third time.  But if I do, at least I'm an old hat at it?  lol


  1. cute!! wow, the mine should just come to terms with the fact that they need you! while i love your hair down, you could probably do it up as well....but i agree, maybe not like how it was before ;)

    isn't it crazy the things we figure out by taking pics of our sewing? i was looking at pics from a new yea's party i attended this year and decided that i could never pull off that updo again, i looked terrible!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was joking around when I arrived in camp last rotation that they just can't seem to operate with out me! And now, that's sort of true. I appreciate the call back for many reasons, but I've really helped them out too. They don't have to train me, I already know the position and the situation at the mine, I'm local - so they don't have to bring someone in from Down South, and everyone already knows and likes me and I fit in well at the community there. Win/win for us both.

      I've learned so much by taking and posting all sorts of photos of myself. LIKE HOW MY BUTT LOOKS WITH MANY REPEATED ADJUSTMENTS ON A CROTCH CURVE OMG. lol

  2. well Im one of those crazy people who think polka dots need banishing, but I love how you fixed it to fit! I had another idea about those bits of yarn leftover...you could make your grandmother a bookmark and use the yarm for the tassels

  3. Like your amended sweater, it looks lovely on you now. Great news on the job, hope it all settles down and you can just get on with it!

  4. So cute! Funny how the simplest tweaks can take something from hmm to YAY!... and yet still take us forever to get around to!

    YAY about the job, too, by the way---that does sound reminiscent of the experiences of other mining geologists I've known (and other people in mining-adjacent fields). /sigh. Save up while working and enjoy the down time while not, I guess?

    Also, good luck with the jeans! I think you made a lot of progress! :D


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