Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sewing Nook Progress

I was a little busy this weekend.

Settling into my apartment has been a really slow process, slower than I've experienced in the past. Granted, I'm usually just moving into a room in someone else's place, or moving into an apartment with absolutely nothing, so unpacking is generally pretty quick.

This time, I've moved with a lot of stuff, including my sewing supplies, so it's taking a bit longer.

But I did get part of my sewing nook done, this weekend! I've been itching to paint my chipped black desk and ugly fake-wood (free) bookshelves a cream colour, and this Friday I picked up the paint.

This is how they looked before:

And this is how they look now:

The sewing desk is a tiny piece of heaven in my humble little home. I adore the cream coloured desk, and the lamp and cork board I picked up today at Walmart finishes it off nicely. It's so handy to have the pattern instructions right in front of me when I'm sewing!

The space still needs some work though. More sewing storage is needed in/on/around the desk. Plus I have a tonne of books stored at my parents place, so the book shelves will change. Am considering moving my sewing patterns and books to these shelves (from another set I have next to the desk) to keep all my sewing stuff on the half of the living room I dedicated to my sewing space. I also need to find a more permanent place for my ironing board, because it's sort of in the way sitting in front of the couch like it is.

Still need to deal with my fabric storage, which will (mostly, hopefully) be kept in these fish crates my Uncle was about to toss out:

No, they don't smell like fish. Still trying to decide if I want to paint them. After seeing the book shelves and desk, I think the answer to that should be yes, eh?


  1. ooooh Paint paint paint

    Sorry, got carried away... I like the plain wood, it's nice actually. I can't believe he was going to toss them out! What a great "find." And free. Perfect.

    It took me 4 years to "settle" into our house, and even then I still want to move furniture around and change the curtains, it's a never-ending process... :)

    Let's see how long it is before the corkboards take over your walls like they have in my sewing room. It's perfect for pinning up inspiration pictures and little bits of fabric and lace... Mine's a pretty mess.

  2. I almost got the longer corkboard, too. It was about 25% longer than this one, but I was taking the bus and didn't want to deal with it.

    I'm still back and forth about the fish shelves. Think I'll live with it for a while and see how I feel about them later.


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