Saturday, October 29, 2011

Because of Course I Need Another Hobby

Look at what I bought today. Fuss, I entirely blame this one on you.

There's a cute little shop just down the street from me called Needlepoint Place that, surprisingly, specializes in needlepoint stuff. Of course I had to pop in there, and of course I had to pick up something.

Never mind that I've been wanting tiny floral cross-stitch pictures for around my sewing nook, for crying in the sink I don't have time for more projects!


  1. Don't cry in the sink! Hehehe. At least cross stitch is easy to put into a little bag and stick in your tote... I drag my knitting all over the place, it makes the wait at the bus stop or for the doctor go faster... Or at least more productively...

    They're so pretty!

  2. That's true! And it's nice to just pick up when watching a show or if you just need a half hour of relax time.

    I worked on it last night and got most of the yellow flower bits done while watching a movie. Darn it, I think I like cross stitching.

  3. Mwahahaha - a convert!

    Seriously though, don't worry much about picking up another hobby. Needlework can be very small and inexpensive with a bit of self restraint :)

    Like Steph said, it compliments sewing nicely - you can stitch in places where you can't sew.

    I love the pattern you picked, so pretty! Can't wait to see progress pics!

    Now I really want to make that final push on my dolphins xstitch project, so I can finally move on to a more fun project. about a metaphor for the other major unfinished thing in my life eh?


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