Sunday, October 2, 2011

Plaid Shorts and (most of) a Fishy Top

Yes, I'm posting a picture of myself sans make-up, horrible hair, and a truly awful view of my double chin, but whatever. Don't care. LOOK I MADE SHORTS!

(Why yes, that is a Got Geology t-shirt. I know at least one of you out there would like to mug me for my shirt!)

The shorts turned out pretty good, and are remarkably comfortable. Why have I avoided shorts all these years? Oh yes, my chubby fish-belly white legs. Whatever. I'd show you some shots of the insides, including my silly hem-tape label, but they're too comfortable to take off so you only get one shot of me wearing them. Oh, and a fancy shot of some of their pinked seams.

Speaking of fish-bellies, I'll bet you're all jealous of my fishy top, eh? I'd be, if I were you. Granted, it's only 3/4 of a top, since it still needs a sleeve (which I've lost somewhere - how do you lose a giant red sleeve I don't even know) and the neck binding.

It's going to be so awesome when it's done, I just know it. Going to be fun to wear to the office, dressed up with a black skirt and nice heels. My office mates clothes range anywhere from jeans and tees to full out business casual. So long as it doesn't show too much skin and looks presentable, I think I'll be fine. Plus we do environmental stuff! This is just showing my love of our fishy fried friends!


  1. Yeah, well, just you wait, one of these days I'll bust out my "Miocene Park" T-shirt.

    The fish shirt looks great!

  2. I do covet that shirt! I probably wasn't at the department when they were selling them.../sad

    Great fish shirt and I love the boxers! Did you use a pattern for them? I made the ones for THV out of the S.E.W. Everything Workshop book - he loves them and they've held up great. Just wish I could make them in bulk for him.


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