Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

Doobee of Doobee's Creations nominated me for the Libester Award ages ago (5 weeks?! Oh geez sorry Doobee), and I'm only just getting around to writing up the post. She did give me a heads up...I think...I sort of remember a comment ages ago. only excuse is that I'd check my email at work, thus 'unreading' them, and then completely forgetting about it when I got home. Not a good excuse and I probably don't deserve the award for such carelessness, BUT TOO BAD YOU GAVE IT TO ME SO YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK!!!


ANYWAYS, the Liebster is an award for those who have less than 200 followers but deserves a lot more recognition and following as they build up their blogs. It is a way for bloggers to help each other out by spreading the word about their sewing blogs.

The rules for this award are:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog by linking back to them (see above)
  2. Nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers each
  3. Copy & Paste the award on your blog
  4. Hope that the 5 you nominate will keep the cycle going to spread all that good blogging karma!

And that's it! I don't even have to come up with 7 things to tell you guys about myself. Easy peasy, and I have no excuse for now doing this a month or more ago.

I hearby nominate the following awesome Sewists/Seamsters:

Stacie Thinks She Can: I pretty much want to copy everything Stacie makes, and she seems to want to do the same with me. This woman can whip up pretty dresses and quilts like you wouldn't believe, and someday I'm going to just go down to Texas and steal all of her creations, just to save myself the trouble. Especially a particular rose quilt she's made twice now... Oh, and she has the cutest sewing assistant that I might also have to kidnap.

ElleC Sews: ElleC just started blogging in January, but is already proving herself to be an interesting blogger. She's funny and charming and apparently on a shopping diet, although we haven't actually seen much evidence of this yet. Go on over and check out all the lovely fabrics she's acquired during her diet, and have a looksee at her projects while you're there. She has a great hilarious valuable cautionary tale on napped fabrics and underwear! ;)

FussWorks: Heather is very new at garment sewing, but has been quilting, knitting, and cross-stitching for ages. She just started up her crafting blog (after I harrassed her for years about it), where she's been showcasing all of her crafty projects. I'm super excited to see her progress in garment sewing, and she writes interesting posts that often feature one of her critters or another! Unfortunately, she's on a bit of a sewing hiatus right now since she needs to focus on her thesis, but I know she's still creating, and will be posting again soon. Go on over and check out her projects (and her grumpy bunnies). One of her first projects is a crazy pair of pj's, and I'm totally impressed by the collar she attached to the top!

quiet and small sewing adventures: Kristin hasn't had much time lately to sew either, but that's because she's also a Super Scientist in her spare time, doing stuff with "bacteriophage" (c/p from her profile - I don't do bitty critters). But trust me, this woman has some spectacular sewing skills to go with her lab skills, and she takes the most fun photos! I don't know how she does it, but she manages to whip off these gorgeous dresses and cute separates, and I often hate her for it (actually not really). Look at her holiday dress and her reconstructed shorts and try not to hate her as well! If you like things involving bacteria, lab work, and assorted Grad Student Woes, you'll be interested in her scientific adventures as well.

Another Sewing Scientist: I adore all of the interesting dresses and skirts this sewists creates. She always seems to find the most interesting fabrics, usually on her trips to Cape Town. Just look at this dress, and this top, and this skirt. *sigh* She has such a chic style that I wish I could duplicate (but totally wouldn't look as cool as she does).

And those are my five nominations! I suspect some of you have received this before, and don't worry about reposting if you don't feel like it. But I totally recommend people check out these bloggers, if you haven't already!


  1. Hey! Thanks! You can come to Houston and raid my stuff if I can go to Canada and raid yours! Anytime, lady!

    1. Maybe we should just meet in the middle somewhere and swap!

  2. Don't think for one minute that I don't recognize this nomination as a shameless attempt to get your hands on that fabric that you like so much. It just might work. I can be bribed, money works best, but blog nominations can be successful.

    Seriously, thank you very much, it is lovely to feel appreciated.

  3. awwww thanks, you're too kind, i'm blushing over here in Va!!

  4. Hi Heather! Thanks for your comment on the Simplicity. Huh. I guess I missed that whole instruction for fitting that goofy sleeve too. Thanks for letting me know! I hate those instructions, they make NO sense to me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was confused by the facing issue too. I haven't fixed mine yet. I'm going to...I've been procrastinating because I"m still mad at it. haha! Glad I found your blog!

  5. Yay! Thanks Heather; you've cheered me up on a cold, windy, rainy, overworked day. think I'm chic?!? I guess I've never posted photos of myself when I'm home on the weekend, wearing old knits and covered in various bodily liquids and solids donated by my kids. (and I guess if I want more people to visit my blog, I should stop talking about bodily solids and liquids, lest I attract the wrong sort of traffic. ew.)


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