Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life, and all it's Diversions (Interfering with My Sewing Time)

Every time I get over a hurtle, whether it be a deadline, or finishing my thesis, or getting back home after bouncing around a province visiting friends and family, I keep telling myself, 'now I'll have more time to sew and blog!'. And then I find out there's something else in the way.

I suppose that's life, and there's no point in resenting it.

What's the point of this slightly negative babbling? I guess it's a lead into my latest excuse for not posting as much as I promised.

I'm in the middle of job hunting, and considering that I've just finished 9 years straight of schooling, I sort of need to find employment asap, or else I fear the creditors will hunt me down and string me up by my toes.

Does this mean I'm not sewing? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It just means it's not anywhere near a priority. In addition, I'm considering relocating across the country (in the other direction this time). All in all, that means that for at least the next few months, my future is incredibly uncertain and pretty dynamic. Exciting? YES! Conducive to sewing and blogging? NOT SO MUCH.

I'm still going to blog, but please forgive me if it's not that frequent.

Also, boring post is boring.

I do have a bit of exciting news. Look what I finally picked up from my Mom's place! The wrist pin cushion from Patty's giveaway, and the zig zag quilt topper kit from Nikols giveaway!

I'm excited to try my hand at quilting again, and I think it may be a great project to work on gradually while pulling out my hair job hunting. I just need to figure out how to make those triangles...

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  1. Ick, I'm job hunting too now. I sew to distract myself! lol


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