Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewtropolis Quilt Kit Giveaway Winner!

HOLY HANNAH, 3 posts on 3 consecutive days! Don't get used to this, I really don't have that much free time right now!

Sewtropolis is a sewing studio and fabric store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where you can come by and take a class or just use their sewing room for a very low hourly rate. I'm sort of desperate to go visit it, because it's basically my dream sewing place.

Well recently, the Sewtropolis studio blog, run by Nikol, moved over from blogspot to wordpress. In order to encourage her followers to follow her in the move, she hosted a giveaway for a kit to make this adorable baby zig zag quilt top (based on a design by Cluck Cluck Sew).


Honestly guys, I'm having a fantastic month! Totally made my dreary Monday morning when I received that text on my phone.

Of course, this means that I'll be learning to quilt again. I swore to never quilt again after making a scrabble quilt for my Mom.

Okay, it's flipped sideways, but you can only tell because of the star in the middle and the weird angle. :) Dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 feet. It was supposed to be bigger, but I forgot about seam allowance. Give me a break, it was one of my first real sewing projects!

This was the backing fabric, a soft flannelet with random words all over it. PERFECT!

*gesters you over*
But let me tell you a secret. I've secretly been wanting to try it again. There is nothing more cozy than a quilt, and considering my love of colours, it's right up my alley!
*ssshhhh* Don't tell anyone! I have a quilting-hating rep to maintain. ;)

Ahem. Anyways, if nothing else, it'll be a fun project to tackle, and will definitely force me to practice my straight stitching! Plus it's baby-sized! Baby-sized things are too much fun!

Of course, this time I'll be using a grown up sewing machine instead of poor little Herbert here:

Aw Herbert. My first sewing machine! A $20 Walmart special. He was such a trooper too, and great for hauling along to sewing/craft nights! I've passed him along to a friend last December (was sad to see him go, too). Actually, I'm heading over there this evening with a bunch of supplies from my stash to help her get started. YAY ENABLING!

Now I just need to get at my sewing machine, Maggie, which won't happen until at least next month. GUYS, I JUST WANT TO SEW! :(

Thanks again, Nikol of Sewtropolis. I hope you enjoy your new blog home!


  1. Yay you! That's the best feeling ever, isn't it? Especially when you get the actual stuff in the mail... (here's hoping everything postal works out!)

    Good luck with the quilting. I have this feeling I'll try it some day and be really, really bad at it...

  2. oooh, grats on winning stash!

    It is the universe rewarding you for all your hard thesis work!

  3. Oooh neat! Quilting is tons of fun with a real machine I promise :)


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