Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why rushing is never a good idea

After a week spent with family and thesis (separately, thank goodness), I'm back to sewing. Oh Maggie, dearest, how I have missed thee so!

Anyways, I was working on a pair of pants a couple weeks ago that have now been sent to the I-will-fix-these-later pile, since they're a little bit of a disaster. Silly pants, why can't you be easier?

I knew I needed to alter the pattern right off the hop, so after stalking pattern review for a few hours, I figured out how to accommodate for my generous assets.

I forgot to take a picture after I slashed the pattern from waist to ankle to add about 1.5 inches of width, but it was done! I'm pretty proud of my Frankenstein adjustments, actually. First time I've done something like this.

I even made a muslin of the pants out of an old sheet I picked up at the local thrift store for this purpose. The back part of the pants turned out pretty good, but the front had some wonky wrinkles.

Instead of adjusting the pattern in the front and retrying the muslin, I just figured I'd add a bit to the crotch curve and a tiny bit more width, and just give'r with the good fabric.

Not a good plan. The wrinkles were still there. And since I was in such a rush to get to start on the good material, I even forgot to add the pockets! Although I've since added them, I'm stymied by the front wrinkles, and don't have the patience to deal with them.

So off to the to-be-fixed-later pile they go.

You'd think that would teach me to slow down and not rush projects. But of course not. Don't be silly!

I started a skirt (view A) yesterday, and got the whole 3 pieces cut out, the back and side seams sewn, and seam allowances zig-zagged in under an hour. Continuing to plow on, I pinned the zipper down and started sewing it on without basting. Who needs to baste! So time consuming and annoying.

Another bad plan.

Of course the material slipped 3 inches in. Of course the zipper looked hideous. Of course you should always baste the zipper.

I ripped that sucker out and tossed the skirt onto The Pile. At least the pants had some company.

But I pulled it out again tonight, and hand-stitched the zipper on properly while visiting with a friend.

You can sort of see the texture of the fabric. I love texture on fabric! It adds so much dimension without cluttering it up with a print.

I was hoping to finish the skirt tonight, but I still need to pre-wash the cotton liner material, and I can't finish sewing the zipper nor attach the waistband if the liner isn't ready. :(

But! It's looking so good so far, I'm glad I went with the white fabric, even if I'll be terrified of sitting anywhere. apartment appears to be tilted. Must be due to the earthquake that rolled through here last week!

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