Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Introduction and Tour

I had every intention to post on the two tops I've sewn for the Wardrobe Contest, but I find myself completely unmotivated to do so today.

Instead, I thought I'd give a tour of my sewing "room".

See, I live in a small, open-ish concept basement apartment that consists of one long room containing the (lavender) kitchen and living room, a (sage green) bedroom (with no door) off the living room, and a (salmon pink) bathroom off the bedroom.

Definitely constructed for one single person, of the female variety. Having house guests is...awkward.

Considering the lack of size and storage in the apartment, of course I took up a hobby that requires much more space than I currently have. But one makes do.

First of all, introductions are in order. This is my lovely Kenmore, Maggie.

Isn't she a lovely old doll? I found her on kijiji, and someday she will have a room all to herself. For now, she must settle for my kitchen table.

This is the entirety of my sewing room, which basically consists of a fabric storage chair, a plastic drawer thingy, and an ironing board shoved against the wall. And of course, my sewing/kitchen table.

As you can see, my fabric stash is very well organized.

Actually, I just straighten this up. Half of that pile of wrinkly fabric and failed projects used to reside underneath the chair. Someday I'll clean it up more and fold things neatly. But for now, I'll keep digging around until I find what I need.

Although I spy a skirt that I recall pinning the hem, but never sewing. Oh boy, that adds an element of danger to these fabric expeditions.

Finally, here is the little corner of my bookshelf dedicated to sewing books and patterns.

I've also just cleaned this up, as before it was spread all over my floor with 3 or 4 patterns cut out and all mixed up. I'm sure next time I try to sew one of these patterns, I'll have the front of one pattern top, and the back of another cut out before I realize the issue.

Why yes, that is a leather-bound, gold-leaf copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. :D

AND, that's the entirety of it. Stellar, eh? But I hope you enjoyed my little tour. I'm always jealous of other peoples nicely organized, dedicated sewing rooms, so perhaps this will make other poor, cramped sewers feel better about their sewing space (however small it is)!



  1. FIRST!!!!
    Yup, one day when this is an awesome, world-renowned sewing blog I will be able to sit smugly with my cup of tea knowing I was the very first commenter :)

    Love how you've turned your kitchen table into a sewing table - who needs a table to eat anyway??

  2. Haha! Thanks!

    That's what my coffee table is for!


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