Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finished Project: Tiramisu (Finally!)

Posing next to one of our backyard saskatoon berry bushes.
Please allow me to (finally) introduce the denim Tiramisu! 

Okay, not really denim, but a denim-like knit Tira.  Poor thing has been cut and partially sewn together since JanuaryWhy did I wait so long?!

For the people who don't know about this dress (I'm only assuming there's a few of you - although you must be living under a rock!), it's the Tiramisu dress, the first pattern launched by Cake Patterns.  Steph at Cake has put out a scad of them, and I've already made up her Pavlova and Hummingbird tops.

Saskatoons to the left of me, chokecherries to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with Tira.
Pattern: Tiramisu Knit Dress #0144
Size: 35 back bodice, 40C front bodice, waist and hip cut to my size (can't remember what I cut, but my waist and hips measure at 36" and 45" repectively).
Fabric: A denim-like sturdy medium-weight knit bought at our Crappy Local Fabric Shop, a diamond in the rough and the reason I still wander through there now and again.  Sadly, I have no idea of the composition because our Crappy Local Fabric Shop doesn't bother to put fibre content on any of their bolts.
Alterations: Sigh. Because I cut this out so long ago, I don't entirely remember.  I do know that my first bodice attempt was way too small, so I recut with a larger size.  I also had this almost all sewn together when I picked this up again last month, so other than needing to resew the underbust seam to bring the bodice wraps a bit closer together, I don't remember any other alterations.  I do know that next time I make up this pattern, I'll probably try cutting out the front bodice in size 35D, since the shoulder seams pull toward the back and there's some extra fabric above my bust.  Well, I'll try a toile of it, anyways.  I'm pretty happy with the fit as it is anyways, so we'll see if it improves it at all.

I did make a mistake in the construction though.  I understitched the pockets in the back skirt piece, but I completely forgot to on the front skirt piece.  Who knew that there were 4 pocket pieces?!  This causes the pockets to gape and stick out a little bit on the front skirt, but it really doesn't bother me.

I'm pretty chuffed about all the gold topstitching I did.  Because it was denim-looking, I embraced the jean look by sticking topstitching wherever I could!  I did a lot on the bodice piece, at the centre back and shoulder seams, around the sleeve hems, at the faux-wrap edges, and a double stitch hem around the skirt.  I really wanted to add more, especially around the under-bust and waist seams, but I thought this might be too much, and also make me more self-conscious.  That second one strikes me as being stupid, but sometimes you need to let your insecurities win sometimes when it means feeling so comfortable in a dress that makes you look and feel good!

Need to harvest these berries this weekend! Winter is on it's way, here in Yukon.
There is some wrinkles, bumps and lumps in the back.  Some of it (like at the underarm) could probably be fitted out, and I suspect will be helped with a change in the front bodice size.  Others are just my natural bumps and lumps, and I'd rather not focus too much on those.  Silly back lumps.  :)

Mmm...saskatoon tiramisu anyone?
Seriously, this dress is probably the most comfortable and flattering dress I've ever made and worn.  While I love Cake Patterns, I don't find that I reach for my Pavlova or Hummingbirds that often.  But this dress?  I finished it just a couple weeks ago, and the only thing that's kept me from wearing it more often is that I'm a slacker when it comes to laundry.  It's comfortable enough for kicking around the house, casual enough for running around and meeting friends for coffee, and pretty enough to wear to a wedding!  (All of which I've done in the last few weeks.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some saskatoons to go pick.  Yes, in my Tiramisu!  Now where did I put that ladder...


  1. I love your denim look dress. I thought it was denim at first glance. Very nice indeed. Never heard of saskatoons - had to look them up. Guess they are not available down here.

    1. Thanks!

      Hmm, probably not. We have them through the Canadian prairies up through to southern Yukon, and I think the northern States have them, but I don't think they extend very far south. They're a lot like blueberries, but with a...different taste...sorry that's not helpful. They're hard to describe, but very nice! :) I've already made jam and saskatoon pie out of them, and will be freezing a bunch for more pies this winter!

  2. Your dress is very nice. I think it is my favourite Tiramsu I've seen. I can see why you are happy with it. It looks very classy and less casual than most I've seen. Great job.

  3. I love the top stitching to mimic a denim look, fantastic!

  4. You look fantastic, the dress really suits you! I wore my tiramisus heaps last summer, they are just so comfortable.
    Top stitching looks great too

  5. Nice dress! I love the Tira I made too. Soooo comfy :)

  6. Wow, very beautiful version of the Tiramisu! I love it in that fabric, it has such body and drape. Very pretty. I just found your blog and am following it now on Bloglovin'. Yay!

  7. Love the gold topstitching with the denim fabric. Great idea.

  8. Stuck In the Middle With You ... hahaha, unfortunately, I'm old enough to know it.

    Love the dress. Looks great on you and the topstitching really adds a great touch.

    Don't wait so long to make your next one. :-)

  9. Oh, yay! So glad it worked out for you. I wonder if it's the same as the denim knit I brought home from Fabricland a while back... anyway, SUPER COMFY! And you definitely need to get as much wear out of it before it gets too cold! :)

  10. Lovely. My Tiramisu has also been languishing since January, but I'm inspired to get it off the shelf, (literally) dust it off and have a go ...

  11. I love it! The fabric is great & I the topstitching really brings it up a notch! Well done :)

  12. Your top stitching looks great. Now I want to go cut one out. I have been sitting on this pattern forever!

  13. looks fantastic! I might try this with a gorgeous navy knit I got at

  14. looks fantastic! I might try this with a gorgeous navy knit I got at


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