Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alaskan Treasures!

Look at my crafty finds from a recent trip to Skagway, Alaska! 

Love the cheeky alpacas on the one piece!  I'm planning to make a case for my double point knitting needles soon, and was tickled to find knitting themed fabric.  These two were my favourites, although it was a tough choice.

Also hard to choose was my yarn.  I wanted to bring home something special as a souvenir from my Skagway trip, and spent a lot of time wandering around Changing Threads, fondling all the pretty Alaskan yarns.  Finally settled on this sock-weight yarn with accompanying sock pattern.

Realized when I got home that it's extremely similar in colour to another yarn skein I picked up a while back.



  1. Oh! I miss Skagway! I adore that little tiny tourist trap of a town. Oops, alliteration. Sorry. Did you do the Chilkoot? How was it?

    1. It's an adorable little town, and the surrounding area is gorgeous to hike and hang out in. Sadly, we're not doing the Chilkoot this year. The Boyfriend sprained his ankle a week before we'd planned to go, and there isn't any other time that we can work out a trip. Next year. :(

  2. Well, you certainly know what you like :) I would have gone for the same yarn too, it's gorgeous!


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