Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travels and Companions

I know I've been radio silent the last while, but I've been swamped with thesis and moving stress. Well, I made it home to Small Town, Manitoba, on the beast shown above. YAY SNOW!

I know I know, there is little to no sewing content in this post. But I did want to share with you all my lovely traveling companion. Maggie Kenmore accompanied me on my trip from Toronto to Winnipeg on the train. She was a good companion, and graciously allowed me to use her as a foot rest along the way.

She was the Bell of the car, and I had several lovely ladies come and ask me about her. One ViaRail employee even helped me carry her when I was overloaded with bags. Popular girl, my Maggie!

While I haven't been able to use her yet, I have done some minimal hand sewing for a couple gifts in the last week. Sadly, I have limited internet access right now, and forgot to take pictures before coming into town to use the library wifi, so that will have to wait for a post-Christmas update. Ladies and Gentlemen, these gifts are ridiculously adorable, and I can't wait to share.

Unfortunately I'll have to leave that little cliff-hanger, but hey, at least I'm posting again? I promise, it's worth the wait!

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