Friday, August 26, 2011

Mitchell Fabrics - A Non-Chain Store!

I just discovered the best fabric store in Winnipeg. Actually, I've been there before, but not since getting into garment sewing, and I'd sort of forgot about it. NOT ANYMORE!

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Mitchell Fabrics is a family-owned company that was established in 1946, and is apparently the largest and best known independent fabric store in Canada. AND IT'S IN MY HOME CITY! EEEEE! Ahem, anyways. It's a huge store, with over 22,000 square feet spread over two floors, and a third floor dedicated to warehouse space. They also have a wholesale division that specializes in the fabrics used by local Hutterite colonies, and other similar communities across Canada and the US, which I think is pretty cool.

Very lovely lace knit fabric (colours were nicer in person), at $2.97/m. Darn it, should've bought some.

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The main floor hosts the respectable fabrics: quilters cotton, denim, apparel fabrics, wedding lace, suiting, shirting, coating, patterns, notions, tools, etc. The place is as big as any Fabricland that I've been to, and is a joy to lose yourself in. I saw silk cotton voile and silk chiffon and various other lovely luxury fabrics for the first time today, and yes, I pet them quite thoroughly. Mmm can't wait for the day that I can afford to sew with those, yessir!

But the basement, OH THE BASEMENT! Okay, the first thing you see is a large display of drapery and upholstery fabrics, but beyond that is all of the 99 cent/m bolts and the VINTAGE FABRIC SECTION!

Original 1960's vintage fabric (as opposed to the vintage inspired prints, I suppose?) Considered purchasing some of that navy with white flowers on the right there, and that lovely geometric blue brown and white in the centre.

Seriously, they have the coolest fabrics! I think Tanit-Isis would blow up from excitement in this section. :D

I can't get over these fabrics! But what would I DO with them?

There was so much I wanted to purchase, but sadly I was shopping with a plan, and I need to be careful with my cash until I find a job. (BOOOOO!) And also they closed at 5:30 and kicked me out of the store, which was just as well.

The tag on this one said it hailed from Japan. LOVE the bright colours! What would you do with it? A dress? A fun tote bag?

My biggest problem with all of these bright fabrics is that I won't buy anything unless I have a plan for it, and I have no idea what I'd do with most of these fabrics.

I adore this fabric. I almost want to buy it and make myself a pillow out of it so that I can snuggle it.

Except the two shown below. The blue with round white and red fabrics would either make a lovely casual top (if it softens up a bit in the wash), and the blue with red and green strawberries definitely needs to be a nice blousy top, don't you think? Although I left them behind, I think I need to go back. I just fear for my wallet if I do...


  1. You are killing me with these 60s fabrics.... The blue with red/white flowers and the black with yellow/white clouds are calling to me. And my man was driving through the Peg just two days ago!! Oh no. Please tell me that they are horrible scratchy stinky old polyesters so I stop thinking about them. ;)

  2. Um, they were definitely horrible scratchy stinky old polyesters and totally not 100% cotton, Scouts honour...if I were a scout...


  3. That's pretty cool- about how much were all the vintage fabrics?

  4. Most seemed to be about $4.97/m, although they could range anywhere from $1.97 to $9.97/m, depending on the fabric. Great prices, really!

  5. Omg, Sargent Jeans and now this store? As if I need any more incentive to visit you when I get a job!

    Love those vintage fabrics, not sure I'd wear the polyesters, but even having some piece for inspiration.

    Lucky lucky you!!!

  6. I love Mitchell Fabrics except their store mascot is a cat who lounges on top of the fabric bolts. I'm horribly allergic to cats and always seem to run into him/her. ~sigh~ But you are right it is a sewers' dream hangout.

  7. OMG the black with clouds is deeee-vine! So jealous!

    Out of curiosity, what did you buy?

  8. @Heather: It is my evil plan to lure you here!

    @Graca: Ooo I met Mitch the cat. He seemed like a nice cat, but I wondered how that'd work with allergies. Heh, yep, Mitchells is a sewist's dream hangout...and the antithesis to a stash-buster! :D

    @Amber: I never really noticed the black with clouds until people started mentioning it! lol! I walked away with a black twill for an apron gift I'm making, and a grey knit for a cardigan. Exciting, no? :P

  9. Oof, wow! Yeah, I should probably be glad my path rarely takes me to Winnipeg... I am thinking I have to do some major stash-busting this winter, this store would not help... ;)


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