Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self Stitched September Days: 12-16

I have never worn skirts so much in my life as I have this summer, and especially this me-made-month. In fact, I think I've worn more skirts this month than I have in my entire life of dressing myself (I don't count the years as my Mom's living doll). And you know what? I love them.

In fact, one of the things I'm realizing this month is that I like dressing nicely. I have far more respect for myself than I ever did while wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, which basically sums up my usual wardrobe in a nutshell.

However, I am noticing more 'lacks' in my wardrobe. For one thing, I am getting sick of my limited selection of shirts. I haven't even worn my ruffle shirt outside of the house because of how badly the ruffles warp and wrinkle after washing them (which requires long finicky minutes with a steamy iron to tame again). And sadly, most of the pieces that I've made outside of my floral romance wardrobe do not go well with anything, not even each other (with the exception of my reconstructed jeans skirt). I wish I had the time to make up a couple new tops, at the very least.

Or even a new pair of pajamas. :)

Day 12:

Despite vowing to put more effort into taking pictures of each days outfit in the last post, I forgot to get a picture on this day. Doubly bad since I wrote the last post on this day, too! Whoops! Anyways, I simply wore the same thing I did on day 2 (although I didn't look nearly as nice on day 12), so I refer you there and pretend this didn't happen.

Day 13:

I spent all this day in various meetings (both formal and informal), working in my office, and swing dancing in the evening. Luckily I wore something comfortable and easy to wear (and wrinkle resistant!) this day, including my reconstructed jean skirt, faux wrap top, self-made undershirt, and ruffle jacket, pretty purse, and flip flops. I know, a lot of my garments are getting a lot of use this month. Don't worry, they're clean! I find I keep going back to certain pieces, and I'm considering making more of these pieces in different colours.

Day 14:

This was another lovely (and productive!) day spend working at my favourite coffee shop, so I wanted to be comfortable. There is no more comfortable skirt in my wardrobe than this cotton petal skirt, and I think it's cute paired with my sheety blouse and ruffle jacket. Hmmm...I'm wearing that a lot these days. Might need to make an effort to wear different jackets.

Day 15:

A good friend of mine came down from Ottawa to visit and do thesis-y stuff, and we spent the afternoon and evening shopping at Fabricland and having dinner at another friends place. I wore my reconstructed jeans skirt and knit top, along with the ruffle jacket, pantyhose and cream floral flats.

Actually, it was a good outfit to wear, since it stood up to running around all day, helping my friend bag up bales of hay and crawling around the floor playing with a bunny! At least, I thought it was playing. Poor bunny would probably disagree.

Day 16:

Once again, the faux wrap top and self made undershirt was featured in today's outfit. It's honestly my favourite top, it's just so pretty and easy to wear. I paired it with my brown straight skirt and jaunty jacket (yay it's not the ruffle jacket!), bare-legged and flip flops, despite the cooler weather today. I'm from Manitoba, I like when it's only 16 or 18 degrees outside.

Despite today's bare-legged venture outside, I actually liked wearing pantyhose yesterday. It made me feel less self-conscious of my extremely pale legs and their various scars and bumps and marks and missed hairs, and reduced chaffing. Sadly, I tore a hole in them by early afternoon. On the up side, there were 3 pairs in the pack I got. On the down side, that means they're cheap, and will run like a trooper.

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