Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Pajamas: Planning

One of the things I've noticed with Self Stitched September is that I'm sorely lacking in lounge wear and pj's. I've spent a lot of time at home working on The Thesis (Master Thesis? Thesis Master? Yes Ma-ster. Right away Ma-ster), and it would be nice to be A) comfortable, and B) warm.

I found this flannelet sheet at my favourite thrift store, and it's just the right combination of soft and clean, so I think I'll make myself pj pants and hopefully a robe from it using Simplicity 3696. I can't decide if this fabric is cute and girly or something my grandma would wear (no offense Grandma!), but I don't care because it's cozy. I want to make the t-shirt and nighty too, but you need knits for both of them.

Except, I don't want the nighty in a knit. We don't have nice knits at our fabric store (singular). I'd rather it in a flannelet or cool and pretty cotton! Maybe I can alter it so that it has tank top straps instead of the raglan sleeves? Eh, it's pj's, as long as it's comfy, I'll wear it anyways, so why not, eh?

Although considering the amount of time I don't have for sewing, it'll be a miracle if I get even the easy pj pants done in the next few months. Maybe if I get some work done this afternoon, I'll reward myself with some sewing time! :D Wish me luck all!

Happy sewing to those of you with time! *fistshake of envy*


  1. There must be jammies in the air. Although, yours are much warmer and more practical than the nightie I'm trying to make. Good luck with the Thesis Master and the sewing, both!

  2. I'm so with you on the PJs. Unfortunately the only flannelette I can find where I live is $14/metre which means I could buy 3 pairs for what I'd spend making them.
    Good Luck with the thesis!
    ~ Alana


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