Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self Stitched September: Day 1

I, Heather of, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear only handmade and refashioned item of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010.

Zoe of 'So Zo...' challenged others to make the most use out of our hand-made clothes and wear all home made - or at least one made - garment each day for the month of September. She's done this herself in both March (Me Made March) and May (Me Made May), and posted pictures of her outfits on her blog. I thought this was an ingenious idea, and was tickled when she announced Self-Stitched September.

Really, this is no big stretch for me. I love my home made clothes more than any store bought items that I own. Although the lack of pants might hinder me a bit!

Here's my wardrobe collection. Some of these pieces should be familiar from my wardrobe contest entry.

I'm probably going to supplement the wardrobe with some tights for when the weather gets a bit cooler in the coming weeks. Not that it's an issue right now, with our average 30 degree Celsius humid gross weather...

This month may be a little sparse on the sewing front since I need to concentrate on my thesis. However, I'm going to try posting pictures of my outfit combinations every few days, and a few other sewing-related thinky posts. For now, here's my first Self-Stitched September (SSS) outfit.

(I know I'm looking limp and gross, but I blame that on the horrible weather we have right now. Also, please disregard the limp and gross towel randomly hanging up in our grad office. I have no idea where it came from and am refraining from touching it.)

For those who haven't been following my blog over the last few weeks, this outfit includes a knit top I made a couple weeks ago, and my petal skirt (now with added lace!). It may look simple and uncreative, but it was bloody hot out today and I needed something light and airy to survive the humidity!

I hope everyone who is involved with SSS has lots of fun wearing their lovingly (and sometimes frustratingly) made clothes this month. And keep an eye on the SSS flickr group for tonnes a beautifully made outfits from SSS participants!

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  1. wow what a largess of self-made clothes, i'm so impressed!! good luck with your thesis :)


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