Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sew Grateful: Sharing Resources Day
Came across this on Sew Essentially Sew's blog today - what a great idea!  I'm coming in late to this, but I adore our lovely little online sewing community, and I want to give back.  I might play catch-up, or I might just continue on from here and maybe do the Day 1 (Giveaway Day) later on, once I get organized.  Either way, I'll at least start with today's topic. 

Even if it's tomorrow for most of you.

Wednesday the 26th February: Sharing Resources Day. Share a free pattern, share some vintage sewing resources, share a tutorial or share some great sewing resource links!

This past rotation in camp, I was procrastinating on Debbie's Blog (Stitches and Seams) enjoying some very informative entries, and I came across her post about SBCC Patterns.  In particular, their free t-shirt pattern, the Tonic Tee.

It's a basic knit t-shirt pattern that comes in sizes XXS-L and XL-3XL.  While they charge $10 for a paper copy, they're offering the PDF version for free! 

All honesty here, I haven't tried it yet.  But I've got it all printed out, and it's in the list of Things-To-Sew in my upcoming Sewcation, so I'll let you guys know how I feel about it when I get to it.  Debbie did sew this though, so go check out her post about the pattern!  She even includes some helpful advice for attaching the neck binding (which I'll be stalking excessively this weekend).

Guys, SBCC Patterns have a bunch of really cute patterns, and I'm interested in their Mimosa Blouse and possibly the Empire Waist Blouse.  (*psst*  Debbie also made the Mimosa, and it's adorable!)

So that's my "free pattern" share.  Not sure if that's exactly what was meant for this day, but I've been excited to try this out and share with you all, so why not a little early! 

...Hopefully it's a decent pattern and I haven't shared something awful with you all...

NAH.  Debbie seemed to approve, and that means a lot in my books!

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