Friday, February 28, 2014

Sew Grateful: Sewing Project Day
Hello there you lovely sewing community you!  Look, I have another Sew Grateful post, again written up on the wrong day for most of you!  But it's still the 27th here, so nah nah nah nah naaaah nah.

What's lined up for today, you ask?

Thursday the 27th February: Sew Grateful Sewing Project Day.  Showcase your latest sewing project. Whether it's a project using up that pattern that was a present from someone or that you won in a giveaway or using a tutorial someone has prepared, or even a project inspired by someone in the sewing community... the possibilities are nearly endless!

*sigh*  I don't really have anything sewn up - and certainly not recently - that lands in that criteria.  Not really, anyways.  But I have a little tutorial to share with you all for a very simple and fun project: A Garter!

See, we just had Rendezvous, our winter festival that celebrated it's 50th anniversary this year!  It was a ton of fun, filled with wacky contests (chain saw chuck, one dog pull, flour packing, axe throw, dog howling, etc), beautiful snow scultpures, Rendezvous Queen and Sourdough Sam, and the Keystone Cops locking up any man who doesn't have a beard and woman who doesn't have a garter.  It's dangerous business, running around Rendezvous unprepared.

Photo Credit
Seriously, they'll lock you up until you or someone else bails you out with a donation to charity!  And yes, you can get them to lock up your friends if you bribe the Kops.

Anywho, this meant that I needed a garter, and quick.  I nearly bought one at our local fabric shop, but they were just too small for my *ahem* slightly larger than average (I guess) thighs.  They wouldn't fit!  So I bought some lace and ribbon, and made my own.

Instead of burying the tutorial in this post, I've written up a separate post, which you can find here.  It was fun to get into the spirit of Rendezvous and avoid some jailtime (the boyfriend would probably abandon me, the jerk).  I have some lofty plans for next year though. 

Photo Credit
Because so many people dress up in garb from the gold rush, and there were some spectacular turn of the century dresses worn around at different events.  I think I need to make one for myself next year!

And honestly, based on one of her recent posts and many others on her blog, Leila from Three Dresses Project is going to be a huge inspiration on that project!

Thank you all for being so inspiring, be it from blogging your sewing adventures, reviewing patterns on Pattern Review, or simply by being so awesome in your comments and suggestions here and elsewhere.  You're all what makes this sewing community so (sew?) spectacular!

You're all so supportive!  :)


  1. Oh I miss Rendezvous! Every year we would bribe the Keystone Cops to come in to the bank to arrest our manager (who didn't think it was funny). My first Rendezvous was the last time I drank more than a sip of wine, I was drinking for 13+ hours and was sick for four days. Never ever ever again.

    Do they still put on the cabaret show?

    1. AHAHA that sounds like Rendezvous, although also a horrible introduction to drinking! Doing a bender when you hadn't really drunk much before (and oh gosh, if that was on wine?!), I'm not surprised by the 4 day hangover! But you earned some fun memories, eh? lol

      I wanted to bribe them to arrest the Boyfriend, but didn't quite have the chance. It's just as well, because he'd probably arrange it so that it was me in there, not him!

      I don't know about the cabaret show, but they did put on a Mystery Dinner Theatre this year, which was apparently the hotest ticket in town, and guess who had tickets! We dressed up (I finally got to wear a black lace dress I bought at the consignment shop!!) and I shoved a massive feather in my hair, and it was such a good time. Didn't get any pictures though. :( No evidence that the Boyfriend cleans up well (despite the long scraggly beard).

    2. I drank so much that I blacked out. So no memories at all. Apparently I drank 17 X B52 coffees, and I think I only paid for one. I'm certain I had alcohol poisoning. It wasn't an introduction to drinking, I had plenty of experience prior to this, but it sure finished my career as a drunk. There was a time in my early 20's when I out drank 3 BC Lions football players. They were throwing up and passing out, and one was literally on the floor, and I was still going. Ah, memories of a misspent youth.

    3. Wow. Holy crap, that's insane. I wouldn't be surprised if you had alcohol poisoning either. Yeah, that would probably turn me off drinking as well!

      Also, I feel like I should high five you for out-drinking 3 football players. Yikes!


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