Saturday, February 22, 2014

Holla Knits KAL

I keep trying to write this post, but it's been like pulling teeth.  There are 3 other drafts saved in blogger.  Oops.  SHALL WE TRY AGAIN.

So a while back, I came across Holla Knits, a site dedicated to providing fun, stylish and very wearable knit and crochet patterns.  I enjoyed cruising through their patterns, but none really called to me.  Well, maybe the Henri.  But in general, they didn't really seem to be my style.

But I kept coming across them, on Ravelry and on various knitting blogs.  And every time I came across their patterns, my eye would linger longer and longer.

Then the Holla Knits KAL (knit-along) was announced, and I looked through the patterns again.  And all of a sudden, I could see it. I could see these patterns in my wardrobe.  I loved the Henri, but as I said last post, I'm a cardigan girl.  But then I looked closer at the Eastwood Cardigan.

Hello there, tweedy stripy cozy drappy front cardigan with POCKETS, you're gorgeous.  And I happened to have some yarn already in stash that was destined for something stripy anyways.

Yessir!  KAL project is a go!

I'm knitting a size 40 using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed.  I picked up the brown during KP's sale a while back (I think I paid about $1.70/ball), and the blue a month or so later to pair with the brown.  I love the colours together, but I sort of wish I'd used the blue for the front panels.  Oh well.

The KAL started on Feb 3rd, and I cast on that morning.  Got the first panel done in time to leave for camp on the 6th, and managed to knit the second panel while in camp.

Yesterday, I picked up all the 50 bajillion stitches along the side to start the stripes, and I'm about to separate out the right armhole.  Between the textured panels and the stripes, this pattern is just flying off the needles!  I think I'm going to be done this cardigan well within the 3 month KAL.  Heck, maybe I'll have time to make up a bunch of the accessories included in the KAL!


  1. I have never bought a sweater's quantity of yarn without a project in mind. That seems so devil-may-care of you. Of course, I have lots of sweaters worth of yarn for planned projects that still haven't been knit, but still... Things will go quickly now that you're onto stockinette. 'm excited for you that your colors work so well together. Your front panels show the stitch pattern so clearly. I'm thinking mine are too dark.

    1. I have about 6 sweaters worth of wool in my stash (not counting the sets I'm currently using in my two on-going sweaters). Uh...yeah. It started when the only local yarn shop closed - I bought 2 sweaters worth of cascade 220 (one is half knit up in my Reverb). (Our only other "local" option now is Walmart). Then when I made a trip down south last summer, I bought 1 more batch of sweater-quantity of yarn (and a bunch more for other projects). And then I discovered online ordering. Bought 2 more sweater-quanities of yarn (although I have one of those knit up and the other half-knit up in a sweater I'm going to frog now). And then I discovered how easy it is to order from Knit Picks and how cheap their shipping can be...during their last big sale, and whoops, there were 3 more batches of wool for sweaters! And a ton more besides.

      Hehe oops.

      I justify it because I have no other options up here. The closest decent yarn shop is an airplane ride away. Online shopping has maybe changed that a bit, but it's more dangerous, especially when I can't resist a deal...

      But despite all that yarn, THERE'S NEVER WHAT I WAAAANT. lol


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