Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finished Project: Pavlova Top

Well, that was easier than I thought it would be!  I got everything cut out Sunday evening (after procrastitaping the digital copy all friggen afternoon), spent the day procrastinating while trying to do all the mark-ups, and then sewed the entire thing in the evening.

With the help of this:

Steph at Cake Patterns was hosting a Pavlova sewalong over on flickr and her website, and it was great motivation to keep going at it.  Here's the details:

Tied loosly in the back.

Pattern: Pavlova wrap top #0169 (can also buy the top and the skirt individually on Craftsy)
Size: I cut size 40, although my measurements were at the bottom of the range. I could've cut a size 35 for a snugger fit, and probably will next time.
Fabric: Some mystery knit that I bought ages ago to make a cardigan. Might be a cotton poly blend?  I have no idea. It's sinfully soft though!
Alterations: None to the size. I did round off the muffin cover so that it'd be more subtle if I wear over a long t-shirt or dress.

Didn't take much, just a plate and a rotary cutter to trim off the excess fabric!

Worn with ties loose as a cardigan.
Sweet mother of pearl, look at these ties! Definitely have to hack these off if I choose to convert it as a cardi.

I'm surprisingly pleased with this top.  I didn't think that it'd work so much for me since I'm not partial to such short tops.  Part of that has to do with the fact that I am most self-conscious of my tummy right below where this top ties.  I'm a little bit concerned that I won't reach for this top just for that reason, but I'll give it a shot for a while.  I have an idea that if I don't wear it as a top, I can convert it to a cardigan, which I'd probably get more use of.

I pretty much just finished all seams by either zigzagging the seam allowance or using a twin needle (and in some cases, both).

And I added a bit of lace as the tag.  I didn't see any point of this beyond decorative, but then I went to put the top on and realized that the neckline is ten billion miles long and having a centre marker is a good thing!

The lapped seam at the neckline makes no sense whatsoever when reading the instructions, and then totally does when you just start doing it.  Trust Steph and just go with it, and remember: it's a lapped seam.

I'm really amazed by the range of motion in this top!  With the muffin cover tucked into the back of my skirt, I can wiggle around and raise my arms and bend over, and everything stays where it is.  Including the girls!

I'm sorry about the BAM FACE.  But look, no gaping!
Overall, I'm pleased with this top!  It was quick to put together (there's only 6 pieces total when cut out, 4 pattern pieces), has some unique construction methods, and suits every body type (check out the flickr group photos if you don't believe me)!  I think the only thing that may hold me back from wearing this as often as it deserves is the length, and as Steph has mentioned, there are ways to lengthen it too.

Are any of you considering making this top?  Which of the above styles do you like best: tied in the front (top and bottom picture), tied loosly in the back (third picture), or loose as a cardigan (sixth picture)?


  1. I like all views - that is the beauty of it - so versatile. Love it on you. You have done a great job.

    1. That's true. It's a bit fussy with the ties, but there's less fussy ways to wear it, or more if you're fine with checking up on it. :D

  2. It looks great, I like it tied all three ways and really like the cardigan, I haven't seen pics of anyone wearing it like that before

    1. You'd have to cut off the ties to wear it as a cardigan, which is why many haven't done it yet.

  3. OK, now I'm considering it more. I like your rounded muffin cover. It's really flattering too. Nice work!

    1. MWAHAHA!

      Thanks, I'm pretty ticked by it. :)

  4. Love your top, it's lovely fabric! Beautiful print. Great review of it too. It's nice to see it worn in different ways. It would make a great cardi.

  5. I wouldn't have ever thought of converting it to a cardigan, but it looks really good that way. Personally, I'm most partial to the ties tied in front.

  6. So cute! I especially love the BAM FACE ;) I am really tempted to try a draped cardi version. :)

  7. I think it looks awesome on you tied, both ways. One version Steph made she cut the ties shorter so it only tied at the back, not wrapping to the front again, and that one would wor as a cardi too maybe? But I do like the last version on you!

  8. I'm loving the fabric in your top... it sure was a great sew-along and this top looks great on everyone. I'm so glad I joined in on the fun as well :)


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