Friday, August 31, 2012

Whose Who? Owl Toque Giveaway

I've been knitting up a storm lately, but not actually finishing things.  This toque has been sitting on my shelf for weeks, completed except for the ends sewn in.  I lost interest in this toque because I sort of messed up.  I was afraid that it'd be too long, so I didn't do the plain knit rows between decreases (for those who don't speak knit, it means I shortened it quite a bit).  Here I thought I knew better, but that's dumb because what do I know about knitting?  Especially since this was my second project.  *facepalm*

For those on Ravelry, here's the link to my project (sorry, you need to be a member to see the page).  However, the project was a free one, and the pattern is linked offsite, so here's the pattern link if you're interested.  It's designed by Sara from Penguin Purls and is really well written!

It's also really tight.  I think I knit it too tight.  So basically, it's child sized.  Which is wonderful, because I don't actually have any children in my life old enough to fit this.

So I'm giving this toque away.  I just need to figure out how to block it (never done it before) and add a couple buttons to one owl for eyes, but if you have a kid who might fit this and will actually wear it, go on and leave a comment below, and I'll do the draw next Wednesday.

Keep in mind though, it's 100% wool, so don't get it if the kid is allergic.  And also it's my second completed knitting project, and there's a few whoops in it (not really noticeable though). :)

ETA: Will be doing the draw tonight at 6 pm PST!


  1. I have to buy a child sized bike helmet for my I count? If not it's OK, my helmet always has the prettiest designs or Sponge Bob...take that all you grown ups with big heads! BTW, I'm watching Yukon Men and wondering if you get to buy cheap furs.

    1. Child-sized heads count! It's still may be a bit short on you, but if you want it, I'll include you in the draw! Although why you'd need a toque when you live approx 3 m from the sun, I have no idea. Does Texas actually get even remotely near cool weather?

      To be fair though, our opinion on what's considered cool probably differs a lot. I think that -10C (14F) is lovely, fall jacket with maybe a scarf weather... :D

    2. Nah, count me out. Hats rarely get worn around here. I actually grew up in the Chicago area, so every summer I have fantasies about leaving Houston, generally for Alaska. Mr. Thinks He Can and I often have fights in the winter that start with him being cold, and me saying that its not even freezing out and the house is barely in the 50s. Put more clothes on! I miss cold. Especially in September.

  2. I have two girls that it might fit! I made mittens with the same owl motif for my older daughter's friend's birthday so I know what's involved :) My older daughter has a purple coat even! She rarely will wear something I knit, LOL, but I think she'd wear this. Or her little sister who is SO grateful when I make her things. Hope I'm not too late!

  3. It should fit my daughter who loves owls, so please count me in!

  4. I love it!! Even better, my 6 yr old daughter would love it more than me! She's a purple princess. :o And yes, she loves owls as well.

  5. Putting in an entry for my roommate, who'd like the toque for a friend's daughter.

  6. I know a little head who would love a new hat!

  7. OOOh! Me me me! I love it! Your knitting is soo cute!

    Blocking- get it nice and wet (you can mist it, but I like a good drenching), stretch it over a vaguely head-shaped bowl. Let it dry. Hats are easy. :)


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