Friday, August 17, 2012

Look at What Arrived in the Mail! (ahem, last week...)

The lovely Kristin from quiet and small: adventures in ph.d-land purged some of her fabric and pattern collection a while back, and instead of doing the easy thing of donating them, she offered them up - first come first served style - to her readers!  And I jumped all over that.  Because I totally need more fabric and patterns.

I liked the simplicity of the, erm, Simplicity pattern, especially that adorable peter pan collar.  It doesn't include a lot of shaping, but the size matches my upper bust, and I figured I could add some waist darts if needed while I do the oh so needed FBA.  Or I'll just try tucking it in.  I've been liking that look on me lately!

Kristin was trying to entice Tanit-Isis or Oonaballoona to take this one, but I was greedy and scooped it on them.  How can I resist those colours?!  I'm determined to have a more colourful wardrobe this winter, since oh ho hello there 24 hour nighttime.  I'll need some brightness to keep me smiling!  Plus it sort of reminds me of the northern lights that's going to totally make up for the lack of sunlight.  Kristin also threw in the black bias tape, which will be perfect for the blouse I have in mind for this. Not sharing that with you yet though, because I have a bad habit of changing my mind as soon as I say what I'm going to do.  Haha um, not so good for wardrobe planning.

This is what I think is a vintage knit.  It's thin and has a lovely texture, and I'm considering making a long-sleeve t-shirt with some pintucks at the neckline or something. But now that I've said that, it'll probably become something else entirely.  Isn't the colour lovely though?  I'm loving this mustard yellow lately.  So pretty!

Thanks for the fabric and pattern Kristin.  I'm eager to get my scissors and needles into them! 

Watch out for my next post, where I show you how I plan to sew in a tiny room, which also serves as a change room, library, workspace, and oh yeah, my bedroom.  Goodness grief, this is going to be interesting.


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