Friday, July 9, 2010

ROM Textile Display

I was in Toronto last weekend, visiting a friend, and she and her husband took me to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It was filled with the usual amazing stuff, some not so unusual stuff (baby dino skeletons in an egg!), and we absolutely geeked out over the rocks and minerals display. About 20 minutes before the place closed, we went up to see the textiles display. Sadly, the exhibit is in the middle of being reworked, so there was very little descriptions on anything. Didn't stop me from geeking out, though!

A beautiful outfit worn by the mother of the last Emperor of China. She apparently had all the fabrics handmade to her specifications. I loved the details along the side slits and the threads wrapped in gold and silver to make them shine.

There were some rather...hideous things on display...

And then there was this gem that I thought was hideous at first, until I got a closer look at it.

(Sorry about the pictures being out of focus)

I like the way they used the fabric, I love the structure of the bodice and especially the way the sleeves are made. The invisible zippers along the side seams and cuffs are a pretty neat touch, too.

This one, while made with absolutely hideous fabric, has an interesting bodice. I like the shoulder wings!

There were several period pieces, but I ran out of time before I could spend much time with them.

And of course, LOOK AT THE CUTE SHOES!

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