Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh Look - A Top Completed in One Day. Who'd a Thunk.

Will do a proper post tomorrow once I get some better pics, but I couldn't resist sharing tonight.  SO HAPPY!  Why yes, I did manage to get my Tonic Tee done today!

No make-up, a bit crazy-eyed, but the t-shirt is done.  Can I haz a TNT?  Why yes I can!

I absolutely adore it.  It's the perfect t-shirt!  And now I'm going to go try to snuggle with the Neglected Boyfriend.  He's come to bug me 3 times in the last hour, so I think he wants attention.


  1. Great tee! Good fit, pretty color. Can't ask for more!

  2. Great going on the tee. Enjoy!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous colour and you are gorgeous too!

  4. Nice tee and if that is how you look without make-up--lucky you.


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