Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Night (Cyber) Sewing Date

Heather of FussWorks and I were chatting this afternoon, and realized we both had similar plans of tidying our sewing spaces and then actually sewing this evening. So we decided to make a date of it!

She's posted on her own goals for the evening, and I'll let you go check that out for yourself.

My own goals were originally to finish off the various versions of Simplicity 2599 that I have on the go. However, I just tried both versions on, and realized that the fit is quite awful! Here, see for yourself:

Is there a body under there? Does she actually have any curves? I don't think so, she's obviously a box covered in an awful print. Yuck. And look at this shoulder seam. Granted, I need to finish up the french seam here, but it's not going to get it anywhere near the edge of my shoulder. ARGH.

These tops are getting tossed right back on the UFO pile, I can't stand to look at them anymore.

SO I'M CHANGING MY PLAN! I'm going to make 2 versions of Simplicity 5914 for One Week, One Pattern instead.

I hope so, anyways. I have until Saturday morning to get at least the first one finished. EEP!

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  1. As I said last night, I like that fabric a lot! Just not necessarily for that particular shirt pattern. Thanks for all the collar encouragement and hand-holding!!!

    1. Urk, I've completely changed my mind about this print. I picked up more of it too, although it's to line a denim jacket with, which may be more palletable. But if you think you'd use it, I can send it to you instead!

  2. WTH? How did that happen? It is still cute.

    I just awarded you some awards on my blog too.

  3. Hmm, overall I still think it's cute. What about adding some more tucks/gathers at the neckline to bring it (and the shoulders) in a bit? Maybe adding a bit of shaping at the side...

    (of course I'm commenting super-late so you've probably chucked it already ;) )

    1. Meh, I'm disgusted with the entire thing, I can't stand to look at it right now. I didn't chuck them, though, just crumpled all three in-progress tops into a wad and stuffed it into the bottom corner of my fabric shelf. Maybe I'll excavate them out later on and play with them again. Maybe. :P


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