Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thinking Pink All Over Again

Back in October, I joined the Think Pink contest over at PR, where we had to make a garment out of pink fabric, what with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I never realized, back then, how this form of cancer would impact my family.

My Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last month.

It's terrifying, not only because..uh..cancer, but also because I've already lost my Dad to another form of it (or several forms - it actually took 3 types of cancer to take him down - he was a tenacious bugger).

But we caught it early. The cancer is only about the size of your pinkie fingernail, and likely isn't that invasive. My Mom is stubborn about doctors, and hasn't had a breast exam in far too many years than should be counted. But she found a lump and went to a local nurse right away, who then sent her to a specialist immediately. Amazingly, the lump she found wasn't the cancer; it was only a lump of scar tissue, likely from overworking herself washing walls. The actual cancer was hiding well beneath that. If she hadn't been working so hard, she may not have found the cancer until it was much further advanced.

This story freaks out one of my Grandmas, but I think it's pretty amazing. Someone was looking out for my Mom.

She goes in this Friday for the Lumpectomy, and will start radiation soon afterward. My Grandma, who likes to take on projects, has made these pink and white heart shaped pins, and sent them ALL OVER THE BLOODY WORLD for friends and family to wear in support on March 9th. Wish I could show you them, but I'll post a picture of us wearing them later (I'm in the process of purchasing this camera - yay pictures!).

I think I'll also wear my Think Pink blouse on that day for a bit of extra support. Best to go in battle ready for my most favourite person in the world while she fights off Cancer (the Bastard).

Despite the fact that Mom really hates the colour pink.


  1. This post really touched me. I know what your mother is going through and can say, this is a cancer that CAN and WILL be beat! I had a bilateral double mastectomy 4 months ago and they got 100% of it. I was back at work january 2nd and have two more surgeries to go through, but they are minor in the scheme of things.

    Your mom will be in my thoughts hun!

  2. Best wishes to your Mum and you xo

  3. Oh, gosh, that's scary! Osiris's mom had cancer several years back, and it was surreal---she went to the hospital Saturday and was in surgery on Monday. We almost didn't have time to be afraid---it was the chemo after that was long and gruelling. And now her younger sister has something similar, which is a whole other harrowing tale...

    Best to your mom---it sounds like it was caught early, so hopefully all will be well! And I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.

  4. I am so glad she caught it early and let me know if you need anything. I will be wearing pink March 9th.

  5. Heather, I'm so sorry she found cancer, but really, really glad she caught it so early! Definitely thinking of you and your family *hugs*

  6. Oh my goodness Heather, I'm so sorry to read this, my thoughts to your mom and you tomorrow. She's lucky that she has a daughter like you on her side and I'm sure she will appreciate The Think Pink blouse in support even if her favourite colour doesn't happen to be pink. Sending best wishes and thoughts your way.

  7. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your kind words, and I've passed on your best wishes to Mom. :)

  8. Oh! I know I'm late on the scene but I want you to know I'm thinking of you and your mom. You're sounding so strong. *hug*


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