Friday, March 30, 2012

To Infinity AND BEYOND!

After declaring that I was in a bit of a sewing slump lately (of which I seem to be in good company, if recent blog posts are any indication), I suddenly had a desire to sew. But I didn't want anything too complicated or time consuming, so I thought it was about time to make an infinity scarf.

Last fall, everyone was making these, and I picked up a small piece of this lace-printed cotton/rayon (I think) knit precisely for this project. And just like how everyone else in the sewing world has done at one time or another, got distracted by shiny things and forgot about it.

The whole thing took me under 15 minutes to make, including cutting, pinning, sewing, and then attempting to pull the thing right-side out properly not once, not twice, but thrice before I got it right. Oh, and hand sewing the gap closed. This is about as good as it gets for instant gratification.

But man, I just could not work out how to finish the scarf. First I tried to leave an opening on the side seam to pull it through, but I wound up with the tube on the inside (sorry, didn't think to take pictures). Then I pulled the whole thing wrong side out again, sealed up the side seam, and opened up a section along the joined ends. Same result. Then, and only then, did I google a tutorial. Why yes, I do in fact get my fear of reading instructions first from my Dad. I wound up just hacking out the seam along the joined ends and following the tutorial instructions. Worked like a charm. Hmm...I guess instructions can be helpful afterall...occasionally.

In other news, don't you love this skirt? I found it at Value Village, and was in love with it before I even tried it on. Good thing too, because I found it just as they were trying to kick everyone out of the store at the end of the day, and I had to take it home before I could try it on. Luckily it was a perfect fit!

It's basically a pencil skirt with the bottom part hacked off at an angle and a pieced flaired section sewn on. It's made of a cotton twill (think cargo pants), and drapes and moves beautifully. Would probably be pretty easy to make, actually.

As if I don't have enough to make already!

Coming down for a landing from beyond infinity.

Between the skirt and the infinity scarf, this gave me a great chance to play in the park on my way home! It's been such a weird winter and early spring. Normally we'd have a few feet of snow on the ground still. It's disorienting being able to wear skirts in March! Never mind the +26C weather we had a couple weeks ago!

I hope you're all having fun sewing, or if you're in a slump, that you can kick yourself back out soon. I recommend making an infinity scarf!


  1. Love the scarf!!! Really must get my act together and give it a go...and follow the tutorial!!!

    1. You don't actually need much act to get together, this thing is ridiculously easy and quick! And yeah, at least look at the photos for the tutorial, save you a minute or two of futzing with it. :D

  2. Winter is on its way here and I want an infinity scarf to welcome it.

    1. This would be a perfect winter scarf! Because the fabric is doubled up, it's even warmer than the scarf I've BEEN using all winter.

  3. I'm glad you are back, and I love the scarf! I love my scarf, but there has been no winter in Houston this year, so I never got a chance. Cute skirt too what's next?

  4. You look fantastic! Love the scarf, love your outfit, love your new location for picture-taking!


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