Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Year (+ 1 Day) Blogiversary!

So apparently yesterday was my 1 year blogiversary! I was actually anticipating this and considering what to do to celebrate for a few weeks now, but between actually winning the Sewtropolis giveaway yesterday and stressing over final thesis corrections, it completely slipped my mine.

Plus part of my plan is sitting in Manitoba.

BUT THAT'S OKAY! I'm just going to do what I did for my 30th birthday this year, and postpone it! Just as I plan to party it up this summer once I return home, so too will I have my little blog party next month or something!

Instead, here's a picture of my Grandma (Mom's Mom, second from the right) at a party in 1963. I thought it was my Mom in the picture until I saw the date at the top. We've already established that I look exactly like my Mom.

So if I want to know what I'll look like when I'm in my 70's, I just need to look at my Grandma. That's alright though, because she's beautiful! I aspire to someday have as many laugh lines as she has!

Cousin on the left, honorary cousin on the right, gorgeous Grandma in the middle!


  1. Congrats on your one year blogoversary! :]

  2. Congratulations! Blogging is such a great outlet, no?


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