Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabric and Pattern Rewards!

Okay, so despite trying to reduce the amount of stuff I still need to ship home - including my fabric stash - I went fabric shopping yesterday. To those who suggested it in my last post, obviously we fabric fiends think alike!

These are both cotton voile (see! I'm getting better at keeping track of fabric type). I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I uh..bought 3 m of each. But I do have a plan for them! Or one of them, at least.

I borrowed Fuss's copy of Burda Stype 9/2010 because I need to make that purple dress (pattern 137)! And also maybe everything else in this picture. My best friends little sis is getting married this August, and I think this would be a fun summery dress to wear to it. I really like the look of the line art, with the tie and front pleats, the shirred cuffs, and even those epaulets.

Of course, I couldn't decide which fabric and it requires 3 m, so I got both. Playing around with the fabric, though, I think I've made my choice of which I'll use.

I think the blue flowers (because these two fabrics are actually the exact same print but in different colour schemes) stand out too much from the background. It's sort of distracting. It'd probably be fine, but it's not the overall look I was going for with this dress. The later picture, with the pink flowers on the light blue background is much more what I was wanting. More subtle, I guess.

I think I need to try modeling my fabric more often! Definitely helps me 'see' how the fabric will work on me.

Also, I bought myself my very first Burda magazine, and I absolutely adore the latest edition. Maybe I'll do a recap of the patterns available in it (and which ones I'm drooling over) next time! Can't sew right now as my machine is in Manitoba, but a sewist can dream, can't she?


  1. Love it! and I'd love to see some of the favourites out of the issue you bought. We are only up to 3/11 over here, so looking forward to seeing what you've got!

  2. That pattern caught my eye too - its very pretty (although lots of pieces to trace LOL!). Your fabrics are great too - can't wait to see this made up!

  3. Hey, you definitely deserved some fabric shopping! (Can we say "enabler" much?)

    I can definitely see you wearing that pattern. I think you picked the right print for it, too... save the blue flowers (which are lovely) for something with simpler lines.

    Have fun!

  4. Oh, how nice! I would have picked the same one for that dress too. Where did you find your Burda magazine? I used to get mine at Chapters but it is hit and miss lately on their availability...
    Looking forward to seeing your dress. :)

  5. I've never found them at any Chapters I've checked out (although I've heard that they can lurk there every once and a while). I found the June 2011 copy at a store in Ottawa that specializes in magazines and papers (seriously, the store was full of them), as well as other paper products like journals and cards. I don't know what it was called, though. I'm hopeful of finding them at a similar news stand-like place in downtown Winnipeg. Otherwise, I have no idea. Kind of silly, how hard they are to track down, eh?

  6. Love the fabric you chose! I'm glad one of my Burda's is getting put to use while I'm in the thesis-induced sewing hiatus.

    These guys carry Burda in Winnipeg, where I bought my first copy actually:

  7. Love the dress you are making, so I'll be watching your progress.


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