Saturday, December 28, 2013

Possibly Some Over-Medicated Babbling

I have a hidious cold that Dr. Google has me convinced is either my imminent doom or possible bronchitis.  Regardless, I've been cooped up in the house, sunk miserably in the couch coughing my lungs out.  Or so it feels.  I'm going to apologize right off the bat, because this post is going to meander like the Red River.  Actually, I'm not really sorry.  It will involve a lot of knit talk, because that's all I've been doing lately.  Although I do have one sewing project down at the bottom!

My boyfriend has abandoned me for a hockey tourniment out of town.  Well, to be fair, I was supposed to go, but THIS COUGH.  I've spent the majority of today doing a Project Runway Season 5 marathon on youtube and knitting away at my Reverb cardigan I started back in November.

I know a lot of you aren't big knitting fans, but you have to admit, you can make some gorgeous garments doing it!

I'm actually about an inch further down from this pic.  It's a slow knit because of all the cables, but it's hard to put down once you get going.  Especially when you can't really do much else without epic coughing fits.  Again though, colour is off in this picture.  Stupid camera.
Fit check!  It's not too bad - I'm worried about the sleeves and the width, but I need to trust my math. Despite the fact that Geologist don't do math.  Eeep.  The colour in this pic is more true, but a little dark still.  ARGH CAMERA I HATE YOU.

No, I didn't get very far in NaKniSweMo.  Well, I got as far as the armhole divide, and then everything stalled out for Christmas knitting.  Which I should still be working on because I'm not actually done, but screw it.  I'm sick and I can knit what I want to!

I'm pleased with what I got done for Christmas though.  Aside from the out-of-no-where owl hat for a coworker's daughter, I also finished off two toques for the couple who hosted us for Christmas eve/morning. (They also got most of the salted caramels too.)  I thought it was very kind of them to open their home for two people with no local family, and wanted to do something extra for them.  I made The Natural Hat (which I made last year as well for a friend) and the Lace Vine Hat.  The latter is a new pattern and the first one the creator has released.  It's a pretty well-written and a beautiful pattern - my right-before-wrapping-them-up pictures don't do the hat justice.

Love the textures in this pattern, and it was a quick knit. So fun to watch the lace pattern develop!  Colour's off here though.
The toque was more of a teal shade, like in this photo, but...deeper, if that makes sense.
This toque turned out a little bit too short. The recipient immediately put it on and wouldn't take it off all morning, so I assume he liked it, but it didn't quite go down far enough. Think my tension was a little tighter than normal.
Let's not talk about what I didn't get done.  Like the fornicating beaver's hat I promised to design for my boyfriend, nor the other NSFW knit he asked for.  And the fornicating deer hat a good friend requested that's been nearly done for months now but I'm too lazy to pull back 4 rows to start the top decreases sooner.  (I have interesting friends.)  And then there's the hat my brother asked me for about 2 weeks before Christmas when I had all the above (including the two pictured) to complete.  Brat.

The Boyfriend and I went out and cut down our own Christmas Tree from the middle of the bush.  It was my first time doing that and was so much fun!!  Poor thing looks a little scraggly, but honestly it was one of the fullest ones out there.  I might've added too many lights to the poor thing - looks sort of like the centre of a galaxy, but at least he's a bright little tree!  I made some of the ornaments for it too.  Mostly brass bells with ribbons tied on, but I also made this little guy:

I love it!  Entirely hand sewn using felt, some lace I had on-hand and a bit of woven fabric for the noel part, some embroidery thread, some ribbon and beads, and a button.  I can't take credit for it though, I totally copied was inspired by this brilliantly talented person

I also made a bunch of crocheted snowflakes, but I didn't get them starched in time, and frankly, I forgot about them until just now.  Whoops.  Oh well, next year.

AND I should probably stop babbling.  I will say, though, that I'm stoked to get back into my sewing room (as soon as I dig it out of the Christmas Cleaning Explosion that happened in there AKA where everything that I didn't know what to do with got tossed).  I'm forcing myself to cull my wardrobe drastically, and that's made me think about the gaping holes in my closet.

Not the least of all is pants.  Might be time to dig these suckers out again.

Hope you all are healthier than me and knitting/crocheting/sewing up a storm this holiday season!  Or at least are enjoying your alcohol and merriment with friends and family.  Lucky buggers.  I'll just be here on my couch, coughing and pouting.


  1. Oh, you poor thing! Any other time of the year it would be fine to be stuck on the lounge, coughing, knitting and doing absolutely nothing. Have another gulp of medicine and look after yourself ... J

  2. Oh, that's not good, hope you feel better soon!
    The cardigan looks lovely, beautiful colour and very fancy knitting pattern (I can't knit to save myself so am very jealous of your beautifully self knitted tops!)

  3. I'm sick too. Blergh. I'm sure I have bronchitis. I will be wandering into a walk in clinic sometime today to get a script.

    And hey at least you are knitting when all I am capable of doing is manipulating people to do things for me, "since you are up could you get me a dozen books to read from the basement, make me a cup of tea, get me some socks etc".

    Our first Christmas tree in the Yukon had so few branches, I almost resorted to using a staple to attach decorations. I can attest that yours is quite full for a Yukon tree.

    Get better soon.

    1. Up until the Boyfriend abandoned me, all I was capable of was whining until he brought me things. Pretty sure that's why he left so early...

      Finally went to the clinic yesterday, and the Doc prescribed me antibiotics and some acid reflux meds, since he thinks I'm a little acidy. I swear I wasn't that grumpy at him!

      Hope you get better soon too!

  4. What's with all this sickness? My family is sick too. But at least we can stay in and think about all the goodies we're going to make in 2014, You have made a wonderful start and the hat gifts were wonderful and appropriate. Congrats and get well soon.

  5. Sorry you are sick. Not fun - especially during the holidays! Great job on the knitting. I'm trying to finish up some UFOs this year. Working on a sweater/jacket now. Tree looks great from here!

  6. Down south, we call those Charlie Brown Christmas Trees. ;)

    Pretty knitting, by the way!

  7. Ugh! Feelbetter and good luck digging out of Christmas! The tree is cute.

  8. Sorry to hear that you're so sick. Your cardigan is looking absolutely gorgeous - I love the pattern and the rich red colour. (and BTW that NSFW knitted item - fricking hilarious!!!!)

    1. Hehe, not your Grandmother's knitting.

      ...or maybe it is. ;)


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