Friday, July 26, 2013

I Changed a Zip and I Liked it (kinda)

I must really like my boyfriend, because he mentioned a couple days ago that the snap and zipper were broken on his good pair of hiking pants, and I voluntarily said I'd fix them.  Not only that, but I did it all last night!  The last guy who asked me to fix his shorts had to wait nearly a year for me to sew on a button.

I'm particularly proud of myself because I've never even inserted a front fly zip before!  Thank you Google and Threads, I couldn't have done it without you!  It's not the best job in the world, and I'll probably go back and whip-stitch the edge of that zipper down, but it lays flat on him and he's happy about it since he got his good hiking pants back.

I also replaced the snaps with a tab button and buttonhole.  I had to redo both of those twice before I was happy with it (I crushed the first tab button and misalligned the buttonhole), and it's pretty ugly.  Definitely should've used grey thread to stitch down the twill tape on the back for reinforcement, but again, he doesn't care.  Plus this was before I realized the zipper was broken and finally stopped being lazy and switched thread.

So yay, sewing!  Even if it is alterations.  Except now he's going to be on my case to patch repair that other pair of pants he gave me months ago...


I feel like I need to keep apologizing for my absence here lately, but I'm going to stop doing that.  I'm a casual blogger, not a professional, and I'm going to give myself some slack.  Unfortunately, I've had a really crappy month, which has involved getting laid off from that job that I loved (stupid low metal prices) and my Grandma suddenly passing away and needing to spend a ton in flights to get home and support my Mom in final arrangements (it was, to be fair, a pretty loud, fun, and musical funeral - as my Grandma requested.  The fiddlers playing her into the ground was a great touch).  I'm not looking for sympathy and I'd rather people just not focus on it - I'm trying to stay mentally positive, but I'm either going to be just as sporatic or you'll suddenly be flooded with all sorts of posts on my distraction crafting this month.  Either way, I refuse to make myself feel any worse than I have been lately, and I hope you lot will cut yourself some slack too when you're having a rough time of it. 

*raises beer, cheers you all to slacking*


  1. Go you. Sorry it's been a bad month, but you have the right attitude. Small victories count as much as big ones when one is feeling down. xo

  2. I am sorry you have had such a difficult month. I hope you are soon back on an even keel. Good luck with getting a job, it is hard to be dependent on the metals market!. I have never sewn a zip fly and still don't get how it can be done!

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  4. Hi Heather, Nice job on boyfriends pants, you will be busy mending from now on!!!! Just keep sewing and crafting till this bump in the road sorts itself out, every cloud etc etc.....


  5. Fantastic work on the button and zipper. I have a couple pairs of pants for my husband I've been meaning to fix for probably a couple years. Oops! Sorry about the rough month, let me know if you would like me to send you something distracting!

  6. Heather, I'm so, so sorry about your job and your Grandma. This must be such a tough time. I've been thinking about your post for ages. Anyway best of luck for the job search - I bet there are not too many opportunities in a small town. Hugs.


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