Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Temptation, Thy Name is McCall's

Fabricland has a sale on right now, and I'm taking the afternoon off tomorrow to go pattern shopping. Huzzah 2/$7 McCall's! I'm hoping to track down some dress patterns for this coming summer, and a found a few possible gems. These are the ones I'm looking at:

McCall's 4769 Shirt Dress

I've mentioned about this one before, and I'm still drawn to it. I want a nice, basic shirt dress pattern with a wider skirt, and I think this fulfills those requirements. From what the reviews on PR say, it's a difficult pattern, but might be a nice challenge after I get back into sewing. I like challenges!

McCall's 6279

I'm really loving the blue version with the sleeves. It has a narrower skirt than I'd prefer, and maybe I'd want to look into widening it from straight to A-line, but I'd have to see. The only reviews for it are for the sleeveless version, and I particularly like this woman's review, but sleeveless tops on me is just...no. No go.

McCall's 6070

This knit dress looks super cute and comfortable, and looks pretty easy to put together. Might be a chance to use some of the lessons in knit I learned here. Ooo, I'd love to make this in a deep purple or teal, or some funky print fabric!

McCall's 6286

Okay, so I doubt this would do much for my hips, but I love the green version of this, with the sleeves. The wide neckline, 3/4 length sleeves, and self-belt looks really flattering, no? I'd love it in a breezy brown cotton or linen, something cool and comfy for summer. There's no reviews for it yet on PR (of course), but I think I'll get it anyways.

I'm so looking forward to this break tomorrow, I can't tell you guys how much. All I need to do is resist buying fabric.

Don't worry, I wouldn't bet on that either.


  1. oooh, totally love the shirt dress and the knit dress. I'll be watching closely to see how they turn out - kinda want to make both when my thesis is done and I have room to pull out my machine again.

    Happy pattern shopping! Let me know how it goes....and don't forget stash pics!!

  2. Great shopping list!! I especially like the knit dress--I keep trying to get one but my lame Joann's never has the one I want when its on sale...I smell a conspiracy.
    And the shirt dress is different than lots of others I've seen--I think it is the fuller skirt. I like it! I think that would be more flattering for most. :)

  3. I loev the double breasted dress, M6279 I think you said.
    It's so gorgeous, reminds me of wearing a coat, and I always say a lot of coats would look gorgeous as a dress in winter too!

  4. I haven't picked up the pattern yet (I got the sale dates wrong), but I did get some fabric for the trench dress (M6279), and pushing it to the top of the project list. I'm kind of hoping to finish it (and hopefully have it turn out well) so that I can wear it to my thesis defense! :)


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