Friday, June 14, 2013

Well crap

That's not a good sign on your first use of new knitting needles.  Luckily I caught it before too many stitches were dropped, and some crazy glue fixed those right up.  Not very impressed though.  :\


  1. :( I've seen quite mixed reviews of KP interchangables out there. Apparently their customer service is excellent though, and they will replace borked up stuff.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of that while I salvaged the dropped stitches. But then I remembered that there was crazy glue in my took kit, so I thought I'd try that first. If it happens again though, I'll be contacting them about it. :P

      On the bright side, I really like knitting with them! Not as sticky as bamboo, but a bit more so than metal. Very smooth, and very sharp!

  2. I giggled when I read the title of your post. Sorry about the needles though.


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