Friday, May 20, 2011

Thesis Hiatus Extended

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note (because oh my gosh need to get back to writing) to let you know that my thesis submission has been pushed back to the 24th. Okay, yes, I'm procrastinating a bit, but I desperately miss the sewing community, and wanted to pop my head back in (briefly). I'm jealous of you all!

T-Minus 4 days, and counting. Guess I should finish writing my lit review, eh? Oh, and those pesky conclusions.

Instead of anything sewing related, here's an ESEM image of a framboidal pyrite mineral (the bright stuff - aka fools gold) precipitating on a piece of organic material that's adsorbing iron into its structure.

Yes, I know it sort of looks like a mutant foot. :)

Or alternatively, some flowers.

Happy sewing all!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to "see" you Heather! Hope your thesis thingy (sooooo not college educated here!!) :D goes great!! Then get back to sewing! ;)


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