Friday, April 1, 2011

I Don't Wanna Stash this Fabric!

Okay lovely readers, I need your advice.

I have about 2 m left of this cotton voile left over from the Mariana Trench Dress, a result of both over-estimating what I needed and taking the extra 3/4 m left on the bolt, and I need to do something great with it. I love this print.

It's very light-weight, so whatever I make with it will have to be lined or worn with something underneath. I've got a few ideas:

1) McCall's 6286 blouse

I like the lines of this blouse, and I could probably get away with either lining it with some white cotton voile or wear a cami underneath. I think the fabric print is too big for this shirt, though. What do you think?

2) Make a simple skirt

I'm inspired by quietandsmall's pretty skirt (here's another view). I love this skirt and I think it would show off the print very nicely. It'd be an easy project, too, other than having to insert a zip.

3) A day dress?

This might be best since it's such a large, busy print, and a day dress would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. Maybe I should take some inspiration from Stacie Thinks She Can (who is making the cap-sleeved version out of a lovely striped searsucker I'm coveting), and make the sleeveless dress from New Look 6803. The reviews for it are generally pretty good. Maybe with a black belt?

Help me, dear readers! You're my only hope!

Or at least, I value your opinion. :)


  1. My first thought would be to make a really awesome bag you can use as an accessory with the dress. And maybe a cute headband.

    Remember my lime green/blue beach bag? The fabric was a fairly light cotton but some good quality interfacing worked great to stiffen it up.

    Not sure on clothing options for the fabric, would have to see a piece of it draped on you to get a feel for the size of the flower pattern.

  2. I like the day-dress idea, and the pattern you're suggesting---if you have enough fabric. A skirt would work as well. I think a shirt would be kinda small to show off the print (but then what do I know about sewing with prints? ;) )

  3. My first thought was skirt....but I think you're on to something with the day day dress. It would showcase the print wonderfully. :)

  4. Hi Heather,

    I'm going to post on my New Look 6803 tonight. It went together really fast and easy....only suggestion is make it a size smaller than your brain tells you. I am perfect size 22 measurements (Is there a perfect size 22?) and I had to add ties on the side to help it not look like a sack. I bet I could have gone down 2 sizes really. I love it though. A perfect summer dress that I can wear to work as well. I can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I'm going to vote for the dress, or a skirt with simple lines (and perhaps a bit more fullness). That print's too lovely to use just as a lining!


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