Friday, December 31, 2010

Introducing Mabe TwoToo the Dress Form

Look at what I got for Christmas!!! From the Grandma that I named the last dress form after and whom I gave the sewing room shadow box to.

This is all not helping me focus on thesis writing at all.


  1. Oh wow, shes beautiful Heather!!!! Can we get a pic of you and her together? Did you get any other cool sewing stuff for Christmas? Miss you!!

  2. Nope, no other sewing stuff for Christmas, except for a measuring tape in my stocking and a gift cert for Chapters, with a suggestion of a sewing book. My family is trying not to distract me from thesis work.

    Trying, but not always succeeding. :D

  3. Wow Heather!!!!! Look at that, you spoilt thing!
    Can't wait to see stuff on it!


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